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I love to read books and I usually write reviews for them also. Here's some books I've reviewed if you're interested!

Children: 8-12

Teen: 12-16

Young Adult: 16-18

New Adult: 18-30

Adult: 18+

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Abbey, May Nicole ~ The Dreamer (Time-Travel)

Adams, Gillian Bronte ~ Orphan's Song (Fantasy)

Adams, Gillian Bronte ~ Songkeeper (Fantasy)

Afshar, Tessa ~ In the Fields of Grace (Biblical Historical)

Afshar, Tessa ~ Bread of Angels (Biblical Historical)

Alexander, Tamera ~ A Beauty So Rare (Historical)

Alexander, Tamera ~ To Wager Her Heart (Historical)

Anderson, R.J. ~ Arrow (Speculative Fiction/Fairy Tale)

Ardnek, Kendra E. ~ Water Princess, Fire Prince (Fantasy)

Banschbach, Claire ~ The Rise of Aredor (Fantasy)

Banschbach, Claire ~ The Wildcat of Braeton (Fantasy)

Banschbach, Claire M. ~ Adela's Curse (Fairy Tale/Fantasy)

Baysinger, Sara ~ Black Tiger (Dystopian/Science Fiction)

Benedict, Emily Ann ~ Perception (Historical/Jane Austen Retelling)

Benton, Lori ~ The Wood's Edge (Historical)

Benton, Lori ~ A Flight of Arrows (Historical)

Benton, Lori ~ Many Sparrows (Historical)

Bergren, Lisa T. ~ Season of Glory (Dystopian)

Bergren, Lisa T. ~ Keturah (Historical)

Bischof, Joanne ~ This Quiet Sky (Historical Novella)

Bischof, Joanne ~ The Lady and the Lionheart (Historical)

Bischof, Joanne ~ Sons of Blackbird Mountain (Historical)

Black, Chuck ~ Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart (Fantasy)

Black, Chuck ~ Cloak of the Light (Speculative Fiction)

Bolton, Martha (& Christin Ditchfield) ~ Can I Just Hide in Bed 'Til Jesus Comes Back?: Facing Life with Courage, not Comforters (Christian Living)

Brandes, Nadine ~ A Time to Die (Dystopian)

Brandes, Nadine ~ A Time to Speak (Dystopian)

Brandes, Nadine ~ A Time to Rise (Dystopian)

Branham, Noel ~ The Simple Soul of Susan (Contemporary)

Brashear, Angie ~ Of the Persecuted (Fantasy)

Brashear, Angie ~ Of the Coldblooded (Fantasy)

Breslin, Kate ~ Not By Sight (Historical)

Breslin, Kate ~ High as the Heavens (Historical)

Breslin, Kate ~ Far Side of the Sea (Historical)

Brodeur, Thomas J. ~ Regina Silsby's Secret War (Historical)

Brodeur, Thomas J. ~ Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia (Historical)

Brown, Elisabeth (& other authors) ~ Five Glass Slippers (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Brunstetter, Wanda E. (& other authors) ~ The Westward Christmas Brides Collection (Historical)

Bunyan, John ~ The Pilgrim's Progress (Allegory)

Busse, Morgan L. ~ Daughter of Light (Fantasy)

Busse, Morgan L. ~ Mark of the Raven (Fantasy)

Busse, Morgan L. ~ Flight of the Raven (Fantasy)

Byrd, Sandra ~ Lady of a Thousand Treasures (Historical)

Calhoun, Bonnie S. ~ Thunder (Science-Fiction/Dystopian)

Camden, Elizabeth ~ With Every Breath (Historical)

Camden, Elizabeth ~ Until the Distant Dawn (Historical)

Carman, Patrick ~ The Dark Hills Divide (Fantasy)

Carman, Patrick ~ Beyond the Valley of Thorns (Fantasy)

Carman, Patrick ~ The Tenth City (Fantasy)

Carr, Patrick W. ~ A Cast of Stones (Fantasy)

Catherman, Jonathan & Erica ~ The Girls' Guide to Conquering Life (Self-Help/Non-fiction)

Chase, Serena ~ The Ryn (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Chase, Serena ~ The Remedy (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Chase, Serena ~ The Seahorse Legacy (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Chase, Serena ~ The Sunken Realm (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Clark, Kristen (& Bethany Baird) ~ Girl Defined: God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity (Christian Living/Non-fiction)

Clark, Kristen (& Bethany Baird) ~ Love Defined: Embracing God's Vision for Lasting Love and Satisfying Relationships (Christian Living/Non-fiction)

Clark, Kristen (& Bethany Beal) ~ Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl's Heart: Discovering the Beauty and Freedom of God-Defined Sexuality (Nonfiction/Christian Living)

Coble, Colleen ~ To Love a Stranger (Historical)

Collins, Suzanne ~ Catching Fire (Dystopian)

Collins, Suzanne ~ Mockingjay (Dystopian)

Condie, Ally ~ Matched (Dystopian)

Connealy, Mary ~ Tried and True (Historical)

Cossette, Connilyn ~ Shadow of the Storm (Biblical Historical)

Cossette, Connilyn ~ Wings of the Wind (Biblical Historical)

Cossette, Connilyn ~ A Light on the Hill (Biblical Historical)

Cossette, Connilyn ~ Shelter of the Most High (Biblical Historical)

Cote, Lyn ~ Honor (Historical)

Daniels, Katie Lynn ~ Superhero of the Day (Science-Fiction)

Dean, Janet ~ The Substitute Bride (Historical)

Dekker, Rachelle ~ The Choosing (Dystopian)

Demarino, Rebecca ~ To Capture Her Heart (Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ The Noble Servant (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ The Princess Spy (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ The Golden Braid (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ The Silent Songbird (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Dickerson, Melanie ~ A Spy's Devotion (Historical)

Dixon, Heather ~ Entwined (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Doman, Regina ~ The Shadow of the Bear (Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary)

Doman, Regina ~ Black as Night (Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary)

Doman, Regina ~ Waking Rose (Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary)

Doman, Regina ~ The Midnight Dancers (Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary)

Doman, Regina ~ Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves (Fairy Tale Retelling/Contemporary)

Doue, Lea ~ The Firethorn Crown (Fairy Tale Retelling/Fantasy)

Eakes, Laurie Alice ~ The Mountain Midwife (Contemporary)

Eldridge, Monica ~ Dancing in the Rain (Historical)

Ella, Sara ~ Unblemished (Contemporary Fantasy/Fairy Tale)

Ella, Sara ~ Unraveling (Contemporary Fantasy/Fairy Tale)

Ella, Sara ~ Unbreakable (Contemporary Fantasy/Fairy Tale)

Elliot, Camille ~ Prelude for a Lord (Historical)

Emlet, Michael R. ~ Descriptions and Prescriptions (Self-Help)

Erickson, Julia ~ Ashburn (Contemporary/Suspense)

Erickson, Julia ~ Diamond (Contemporary/Suspense)

Evangeline, Molly ~ The Pirate Daughter's Promise (Historical)

Evangeline, Molly ~ Every Tear (Historical)

Evangeline, Molly ~ A Captain's Heart (Historical)

Everson, Eva Marie ~ This Fine Life (Historical)

Feinberg, Margaret ~ Live Free (Adult Coloring Book)

Feldhahn, Shaunti ~ For Young Women Only (Christian Living)

Fender, Mandy ~ Defier: The Girl Who Stood (Dystopian)

Fender, Mandy ~ Sparrow (Dystopian)

FitzGerald, Heather L.L. ~ The Asylum (Fairy Tale Retelling Short Story/Contemporary)

Foley, Elisabeth Grace ~ Lost Lake House (Fairy Tale Retelling Novella/Historical)

Foley, Elisabeth Grace ~ Corral Nocturne (Fairy Tale Retelling Novella/Historical)

Frantz, Laura ~ Love's Fortune (Historical)

Frantz, Laura ~ The Mistress of Tall Acre (Historical)

Frantz, Laura ~ A Moonbow Night (Historical)

Furlough, Maria ~ Breaking the Fear Cycle: How to Find Peace for Your Anxious Heart (Christian Living/Non-Fiction)

Gabhart, Ann H. ~ These Healing Hills (Historical)

Garrett, Ginger ~ In the Shadow of Lions (Historical/Speculative Fiction)

Gibbs, Donna ~ Silencing Insecurity: Believing God's Truth About You (Christian Living)

Gilbert, Heather Day ~ God's Daughter (Historical)

Gohlke, Cathy ~ Band of Sisters (Historical)

Goldfinch, Lena ~ Aire (Fantasy)

Goldfinch, Lena ~ The Unexpected Bride (Historical)

Goldfinch, Lena ~ The Bartered Bride (Historical)

Gould, Leslie ~ Minding Molly (Amish Fiction)

Graham, L.B. ~ All My Holy Mountain (Fantasy)

Green, Jocelyn ~ Between Two Shores (Historical)

Greyson, Jessica ~ Annabeth's War (Fantasy)

Greyson, Jessica ~ Captive of Raven Castle (Fantasy)

Griep, Michelle ~ The Captive Heart (Historical)

Griep, Michelle ~ The Innkeeper's Daughter (Historical)

Grimm, S.D. ~ Scarlet Moon (Fantasy)

Gunn, Robin Jones ~ Forever With You (Contemporary)

Gunn, Robin Jones ~ Home of Our Hearts (Contemporary)

Gunn, Robin Jones ~ One More Wish (Contemporary)

Gunn, Robin Jones ~ Sandy Toes (Contemporary)

Hall, Julie ~ Huntress (Speculative Fiction)

Hanna, Janice ~ Love Me Tender (Historical)

Hanscom, Ta'Mara ~ The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise (Contemporary)

Hart, Jillian ~ Snowflake Bride (Historical)

Hasbrouck, Kate ~ Homecoming (Speculative Fiction)

Hatcher, Robin Lee ~ Beloved (Historical)

Hatcher, Robin Lee ~ Promised to Me (Historical)

Hedlund, Jody ~ An Uncertain Choice (Historical/Fairy Tale)

Hedlund, Jody ~ For Love and Honor (Historical/Fairy Tale)

Hedlund, Jody ~ Captured By Love (Historical)

Holman, Sarah ~ A Different Kind of Courage (Historical)

Holman, Sarah ~ Adventures and Adversities (Fantasy)

Holman, Sarah ~ Waltz Into the Waves (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Holman, Sarah ~ Emmaline (Historical/Austen Retelling)

Huneke, Morgan Elizabeth ~ Creighton Hill (Fantasy/Time-Travel)

Hunt, Angela ~ Esther: Royal Beauty (Biblical Historical)

Hunter, Kristi Ann ~ An Elegant Facade (Historical)

Hunter, Kristi Ann ~ An Inconvenient Beauty (Historical)

Isaac, Kara ~ Close to You (Contemporary)

Jagears, Melissa ~ A Bride At Last (Historical)

Jagears, Melissa ~ A Heart Most Certain (Historical)

Jagears, Melissa ~ A Love So True (Historical)

Jagears, Melissa ~ A Chance at Forever (Historical)

Jennings, Regina ~ Holding the Fort (Historical)

Johnson, Christine ~ Love's Rescue (Historical)

Johnson, Christine ~ Honor Redeemed (Historical)

Johnson, Tara ~ Engraved on the Heart (Historical)

Kirby, Susan ~ Prairie Rose (Historical)

Kirby, Susan ~ As the Lily Grows (Historical)

Kirkpatrick, Jane ~ This Road We Traveled (Historical)

Klassen, Julie ~ The Secret of Pembrooke Park (Historical)

Klassen, Julie ~ Lady Maybe (Historical)

Knight, Jaye L. ~ Resistance (Fantasy)

Knight, Jaye L. ~ The King's Scrolls (Fantasy)

Knight, Jaye L. ~ Half-Blood (Fantasy Novella)

Knight, Jaye L. ~ Samara's Peril (Fantasy)

Ladd, Sarah E. ~ Dawn at Emberwilde (Regency Historical)

Ladd, Sarah E. ~ The Governess of Penwythe Hall (Regency Historical)

Laureano, C.E. ~ Oath of the Brotherhood (Fantasy)

Lee, Y.S. ~ The Agency: A Spy in the House (Historical/Spy Novel)

Leigh, Tamara ~ The Unveiling (Historical)

Leo, Jennifer Lamont ~ You're the Cream in My Coffee (1920s Historical)

Lewis, Beverly ~ The Ebb Tide (Contemporary)

Locke, Thomas ~ Emissary (Fantasy)

Lodge, Hillary Manton ~ Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility (Contemporary)

Ludy, Eric & Leslie ~ When Dreams Come True: A Love Story Only God Could Write (Non-fiction/Christian Living)

Majors, Katie Davis ~ Daring to Hope: Finding God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful (Non-fiction/Christian Living)

Mally, Sarah ~ Before You Meet Prince Charming (Christian Living)

Mason, Susan Anne ~ Irish Meadows (Historical)

Mason, Susan Anne ~ A Worthy Heart (Historical)

McGee, Krista ~ Anomaly (Dystopian/Science Fiction)

McGuire, Sarah - Valiant (Fairy Tale Retelling/Fantasy)

McKee, Kathrese ~ Mardan's Mark (Fantasy)

McKee, Kathrese ~ Healer's Curse (Fantasy Novella)

McKee, Kathrese ~ Mardan's Heir (Fantasy)

Meyer, Marissa ~ Cinder (Science-Fiction/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Meyer, Melissa ~ Scarlet (Science-Fiction/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Meyer, Melissa ~ Cress (Science-Fiction/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Meyer, Melissa ~ Winter (Science-Fiction/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Miller, Carolyn ~ The Captivating Lady Charlotte (Historical)

Miller, Carolyn ~ The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey (Historical)

Miller, Carolyn ~ A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh (Historical)

Miller, Judith ~ The Brickmaker's Bride (Historical)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Deal (Fantasy)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Dare (Fantasy)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Deny (Fantasy)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Defy (Fantasy)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Destroy (Fantasy)

Mingerink, Tricia ~ Deliver (Fantasy)

Mitchell, Siri ~ Flirtation Walk (Historical)

Montgomery, L.M. ~ Rainbow Valley (Historical)

Montgomery, L.M. ~ The Blue Castle (Historical)

Morin, Sarah E. ~ Waking Beauty (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Myers, Kevin ~ Grown-Up Faith: The Big Picture for a Bigger Life (Christian Living/Nonfiction)

Parr, Delia ~ The Midwife's Tale (Historical)

Pennington, J Grace [& Elisabeth Grace Foley; Rachel Heffington; Emily Ann Putzke; Suzannah Rowntree; Hayden Wand] ~ Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical/Dystopian)

Porter, Donna Hechler ~ Keeping Secrets (Historical)

Pykare, Nina Coombs ~ Neither Bond Nor Free (Historical)

Ray, Lincee ~ It's a Love Story (Nonfiction)

Rea, Rachelle ~ The Sound of Diamonds (Historical)

Rea, Rachelle ~ The Sound of Silver (Historical)

Redwine, C.J. ~ Defiance (Dystopian/Science-Fiction)

Rinehart, Mary Roberts ~ The Amazing Interlude (Historical)

Rivers, Francine ~ Her Mother's Hope (Historical)

Rossano, Rachel ~ Word and Deed (Fantasy Novella)

Rowntree, Suzannah ~ Pendragon's Heir (Fantasy/Legend Retelling)

Sager, Nicole ~ The Heart of Arcrea (Fantasy)

Sager, Nicole ~ Hebbros (Fantasy)

Sager, Niocle ~ Burdney (Fantasy)

Sapienza, Natasha ~ Prodigy Prince (Fantasy)

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ Guide Me Home (Historical)

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ Grace and the Preacher (Historical)

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ Beneath a Prairie Moon (Historical)

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ A Silken Thread (Historical)

Schamel, Amber ~ Days of Messiah: The Healer's Touch (Biblical Historical)

Scheele, Sarah ~ Alyce (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Schmidt, Jenelle Leanne ~ King's Warrior (Fantasy)

Schmidt, Jenelle, Leanne (& other authors) ~ Five Enchanted Roses (Fairy Tale Retelling)

Scott, Carey ~ Untangled: Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in Your Life (Christian Living)

Seilstad, Lorna ~ As Love Blooms (Historical)

Shepherd, Sheri Rose ~ His Princess: Love Letters from Your King (Christian Living/Devotional)

Slayton, Shonna ~ Cinderella's Dress (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Slayton, Shonna ~ Cinderella's Shoes (Fairy Tale Retelling/Historical)

Sleiman, Dina L. ~ Dauntless (Historical/Legend Retelling)

Sleiman, Dina L. ~ Chivalrous (Historical/Legend Retelling)

Sleiman, Dina L. ~ Courageous (Historical/Legend Retelling)

Smith, Jill Eileen ~ The Crimson Cord: Rahab's Story (Biblical Historical)

Smith, Jill Eileen ~ The Prophetess: Deborah's Story (Biblical Historical)

Smith, Jordan ~ The Purple and Gold Afgahn (Contemporary)

Snelling, Lauraine ~ From This Day Forward (Historical)

Sproles, Cindy K. ~ Liar's Winter (Historical)

Stahl, Laurie ~ The Winds of Catawba (Historical)

Stengl, Anne Elisabeth ~ Golden Daughter (Fantasy)

Stengl, Anne Elisabeth ~ Draven's Light (Fantasy Novella)

Stengl, Anne Elisabeth ~ A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling)

Stengl, Jill ~ Until That Distant Day (Historical)

Stoppe, Rhonda ~ Real-Life Romance: Inspiring Stories to Help You Believe in True Love (Christian Living/Non-Fiction)

Strauss, Elle ~ Love, Tink (Fairy Tale)

Sundin, Sarah ~ In Perfect Time (Historical)

Sundin, Sarah ~ Through Waters Deep (Historical)

Sundin, Sarah ~ Anchor in the Storm (Historical)

Sundin, Sarah ~ When Tides Turn (Historical)

Sundin, Sarah ~ The Sea Before Us (Historical)

Tagg, Melissa ~ From the Start (Contemporary)

Thomas, Sarah Loudin ~ The Sound of Rain (Historical)

Tolsma, Liz ~ The Melody of the Soul (Historical)

Townsend, Ashley ~ Rising Shadows (Fantasy/Time-Travel)

Townsend, Ashley ~ Chasing Shadows (Fantasy/Time-Travel)

Turano, Jen ~ Gentleman of Her Dreams (Historical)

Turano, Jen ~ In Good Company (Historical)

Turansky, Carrie ~ Christmas Mail-Order Brides (Historical)

Turansky, Carrie ~ Shine Like the Dawn (Historical)

Tyndall, MaryLu ~ Abandoned Memories (Historical)

Tyndall, MaryLu ~ The Reckoning (Time-Travel/Historical)

Watson, Jan ~ Buttermilk Sky (Historical)

Watson, Jennifer Renee ~ Freedom! : The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It (Christian Living)

Weber, Mary ~ Storm Siren (Fantasy)

Weber, Mary ~ Siren's Fury (Fantasy)

Weber, Mary ~ Siren's Song (Fantasy)

Wheaton, Jesseca ~ Dark Storm Rising (Historical)

White, Beth ~ The Creole Princess (Historical)

White, Beth ~ The Magnolia Duchess (Historical)

White, Roseanna M. ~ The Lost Heiress (Historical)

White, Roseanna M. ~ The Reluctant Duchess (Historical)

White, Roseanna M. ~ A Lady Unrivaled (Historical)

White, Roseanna M. ~ A Name Unknown (Historical)

White, Roseanna M. ~ A Song Unheard (Historical)

Williamson, Jill ~ By Darkness Hid (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ To Darkness Fled (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ From Darkness Won (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ King's Folly (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ King's Blood (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ King's War (Fantasy)

Williamson, Jill ~ The New Recruit (Contemporary/Spy Novel)

Willis, Ashlee ~ The Word Changers (Fantasy)

Witemeyer, Karen ~ Full Steam Ahead (Historical)

Witemeyer, Karen ~ No Other Will Do (Historical)

Writes, E. Kaiser ~ Jeweler's Apprentice (Fantasy)

Writes, E. Kaiser ~ Winter's Child (Fairy Tale Retelling/Fantasy)

Writes, E. Kaiser ~ Winter Queen (Fairy Tale Retelling/Fantasy)

Writes, E. Kaiser ~ Prince of Demargen (Fairy Tale Retelling/Fantasy)

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