Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Review: Tried and True

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Title: Tried & True

Author: Mary Connealy

Series: Wild at Heart #1

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**3.5 stars**

Mary Connealy's novels tend to be humorous, romantic westerns ... and Tried and True was no different.

It follows the life of a young soldier from the Civil War, Kylie Wilde, who is homesteading in the rugged west. Because of her service during war (you may have gathered that Kylie is a woman), she only has to homestead three years instead of five in order to own the place. Her sisters Shannon and Bailey are doing to same, with their pa on his own claim as well. The only problem is ... Kylie doesn't want to be in the west. Dressed like a man. Doing man's work. She wants to be in the east, buying pretty bonnets, going to lovely tea parties.
    Another problem is that a nice man who happened upon her while she was dressed in skirts instead of her customary men's dress, is actually a land agent. -And obligated to add two more years to her time in the west.
    But Aaron and Kylie soon find that her deceiving during the war is the least of their problems ...

For the first part of Tried and True, I was quite interested in the story, and having a lovely time in the pages of this novel. But at some point, it got a little too focused on the romance and all. While I would be the first to say that romance and marriage are beautiful things (as long as used in the way God intended); I rather like my reads a balanced mix of romance, mystery, faith, historical facts, and all the other relationships and all. I mean, I don't really care to read once and then again how beautiful he thought her hair was and other such romance-y stuff. When my turn comes to be romanced, I'm sure I'll enjoy all that, *smiles*, but as for my books, I prefer the romances to be sweet, simple, and kind of subtle. I don't need to know everything they're thinking.

So that being said, Tried and True wasn't my favorite. But I did enjoy the overall story. And it had some poignant faith elements, especially near the end. Some important topics are explored in this novel ... and the Wilde sisters are pretty fun. *smiles* A nice read all in all.


  1. Mary Connealy has several other books she has written. Would you recommend her as a good author to read by? ~L'Amour Lover

    1. Well... I haven't read much by Mary Connealy. Like I mentioned in my review, Tried and True definitely has the romance-y element, as did her other two books that I read I believe. Not that its nessessarily a bad thing... just depends how much you like your reads to be focused on romance, :)

      I suppose I would say give them a try and see what you think. Here's a review to one of her other books that I read:

      If you're looking for westerns, I believe Lori Copeland writes some really great ones! :) The Brides of the West I remember being a lovely series. And also Men of the Saddle series was fun! :)

      Ooh, have you ever read by Amber Stokes? She writes western. But she is independently-published, so you might have a harder time getting her books.

      Backwoods Brides series by Marcia Gruver?

      Newly Weds by Margo Hansen are more western types. They're clean, adventurous mysteries for sure! Great Christian books.

      Haha... um yeah, I guess I just connected with these books better than Mary Connealy's. But you could try hers if you want. I probably will read more of her books if I get the chance, :)