Monday, December 29, 2014

Silver Rose ABC: Fighting Back

Decided to continue my Silver Rose ABCs! *smiles* Today we are on F and I have one concept, that of "fighting back", and a character (whose name begins with F), to discuss.

Fighting back. As I've already explained in a previous post, Silver Rose has a theme of darkness. Not darkness as in a natural thing, but darkness as in a dark being. Tempters. Taunters. The Father of Lies.
     I'm pretty sure we've all heard those dark whispers. I certainly have. And I guess that's why it made itself such a big issue in my story - such a struggle of my main character, Karalee's.

Throughout Silver Rose, Karalee is often surrounded by darkness, unintentionally hearing their clever, devastating words. And, like many of us, instead of realizing they're lies, Karalee takes them in as logic. She bows under their pressure; her heart is slowly breaking under their poison.
     And even after the moment, after the horrific scenario ends, and all seems normal again; she still holds a bit of that darkness deep in her soul, terrified that those lies might be true. She doesn't surrender it.

Now, you'll have to read Silver Rose to find out if Karalee conquers or breaks. But at one point, a dear friend points out that the Keeper of Darkness is the Enemy of the King of Kings. And since Karalee is a daughter of the true King, the Keeper of Darkness makes it his business to hate her.

Why can't we see? Why can't we realize that those dark fears, those feelings of worthlessness, those moments of seemingly utter hopelessness ... are lies?

At one point, Karalee sits in her bedchamber, passive, stagnant. Doing absolutely nothing when there is SO much to be done ... because she's afraid, she's hopeless; she doesn't see the light of the future because the darkness of the moment is smothering her.


We were not made to drown in fears, in depression, in anxiety, and hopelessness. We were given a sword, and we are called to fight. And what's more, we have a mighty, and absolutely alive and moving, Leader ahead of us!

"God's not dead, He's surely alive! He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion!" ~ Newsboys

So when those shadowy workers of the Keeper of Darkness creep into you life, take out your sword (which we do indeed have our own weapons(!): the Word of God, the awesome privilege to communicate with Him, and our identity as His children!) and silence them.

Remind them that they have no place here. And let's hope our dear Karalee can see the Truth to do the same.


Also, there may or may not be a magnificently lovely dragon named Feyeldra-Leena! ^_^ I can't find a picture for her, but she has amber-colored scales and sapphire blue eyes!

And that is all for Silver Rose today I believe. However, I probably will work on Diamond's Quest! Yes, I started writing it, and am pretty excited!!! Visit my Pinterest board for more details: Storyboard- A DIAMOND'S QUEST.

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