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Hidden Gems: Margo Hansen

I'm really excited to introduce to you, this Monday, author Margo Hansen! For the fourteenth week of the Hidden Gems blog event, I'm interviewing her and showing off her lovely novels! ^_^ 

And there's a fantastic giveaway, of course! Two paperbacks to two lucky winners!

Reasons I Think This Author Is One You Need To Discover:

  • Books are Historical, both Lovely and Suspenseful
  • Sweet, Clean Romance
  • Old-fashioned, Christian Stories, somewhat in the Tradition of Janette Oke
  • Faith, Family, and Mail-Ordered Brides *smiles*


Introducing ... Margo Hansen

MARGO HANSEN is the author of the popular A Newly Weds Series. She loves writing about the north woods of Minnesota where she lives with her husband Bruce. Her greatest desire is to share the Gospel of God’s Grace with others through her stories.


~ NEWLY WED Series ~

You have a twin in America, somewhere in that western land. Find her if you can. 

Those are the astounding words of her mother's final letter and all twenty-year-old Sky Hoffman has left in the world. So she sets out on a journey across an ocean in search of answers. She arrives in America broke, homeless, and trying to escape the unwanted attentions of an Englishman intent on pursuing her. Her only option is to sign a contract to marry a man she's never met and join up with a wagon train of mail-order brides headed to the north woods of Minnesota. 

But with Indian raids, a sneaky detective hired to find her and bring her home, and the rigorous schedule of life on the trail, will Sky even make it to her destination? Can she find her family? And who is Russ Newly, the mysterious, handsome man who appears one night from the shadows? 

Sky's Bridal Train is the first book in A Newly Weds Series, which takes place in the late 1800s. Jump on the wagon and explore new territories with Sky, Randi, and the other women aboard the train as they search for love and faith.

There just aren’t that many girls of marriageable age in Sand Creek.

Young men from Sand Creek venture into the northern wilderness to begin a new town, much as their fathers had before them. And, as was the case with the previous generation, the men find that a town needs families. Against his will and his better judgment, Tyler Newly is sent to Chicago to get some brides.

Once a wealthy socialite, Jadyne (Jade) Crandall has fallen on hard times. Trusting God’s leading she begins working for an old family friend when a young, ambitious lumberjack from Minnesota arrives. Jade is suspicious of Tyler’s business with her employer and is shocked when she discovers the real reason for his visit. How can she trust Tyler, especially when she discovers that someone is stealing from her old friend? It only makes sense to travel back to Minnesota with him; that way Jade can keep an eye on Tyler Newly.

Will Jade find out the truth about Tyler? Will the new brides destroy the harmony that the men have in the settlement? Who is after the important documents that are entrusted to Tyler’s keeping?

Jade’s Courting Intrigue is the second book in A Newly Weds Series. Join the next sets of couples to settle the northern wilderness and discover how God leads in the lives of his children.

No one suspected a woman to do a man’s job.

Nineteen-year-old Emma Newly’s life is so predictable, and teaching school in Sand Creek just doesn’t satisfy her longing for excitement. Then news arrives about an accident involving her father, and suddenly Emma finds herself in an adventure that takes her across Minnesota to Boston on an undercover mission. With her is a man she has just met, a man who is a mystery to her, a man to whom she has pledged her life. But can she trust him?

Simon Chase doesn’t need the complication of having a woman around when he’s on a case, especially a woman with a temper. But together they concoct a plan to thwart their pursuers and protect those they love. Can they keep their secret hidden long enough to keep safe? And who is Sophia Barlow, the woman who keeps showing up in the most unexpected places?

Emma’s Marriage Secret is the third book in A Newly Weds Series. It follows the second generation of the Newly family in a romantic mystery novel that will keep you guessing until the final secret is revealed. Discover with Emma and Simon how God takes uncertainties in life and works them out for good.

They want a Norwegian wife for their son Nels.

Her aunt’s letter is a command that Irena must obey. Travel across the ocean to America, where there’s a husband and a home waiting for her. So Irena sets off filled with trepidation and uncertainty but also filled with hope— hope that she can leave behind her life of loneliness and servitude and finally have a place she can call her own. But she finally arrives in Minnesota to a grouchy mother-in-law and a husband who doesn’t even want her.

Rex Newly has watched his siblings get married one by one and knows his turn will come eventually, but he’s in no hurry. He wants to take his time and be sure of God’s leading for his life. So how is it that he suddenly finds himself engaged to be wed and building a house for his prospective bride?

Irena’s Bond of Matrimony is Margo Hansen’s fourth book in her series about romance and adventure set in the north woods of Minnesota. As Irena continues her search for belonging, Rex considers where God is leading him. Both will learn that the paths they start out on may not turn where they expected, but that they ultimately arrive at the destination set by God.

Most brides view their weddings as a dream come true.

Mattie Morrison wishes her wedding was only a dream.

When Mattie awakes from a deep sleep, she’s in for quite a surprise. While she was sleeping, an irate preacher had done what he considered his duty and married her off to some stranger. Now Mattie must live with the consequences. She does not learn the identity of her husband until she runs into him in Sand Creek.

Mattie recognizes Abel Newly. Abel, on the other hand, has no idea Mattie is the bride he was tricked into marrying. Instead, he’s eager to marry Delphinia Digby and to begin setting up his medical practice. He considers the wedding ceremony an elaborate hoax.

Abel’s seemingly single state concerns the townspeople. They’re not at all sure about having an unmarried doctor tend to their womenfolk. More than once, Abel calls upon Mattie to lend a hand at the doctor’s office. But what is it about her that seems so familiar?

Margo Hansen’s fifth book, Mattie’s Unspoken Vow, completes her series about the Newly family and sets the stage once again for romance, mystery, and adventure in the north. As Mattie and Abel come face-to-face with town strife, an outlaw gang intent on robbing the bank, and finally with each other, they learn that God’s ways are not always their ways, but he ultimately knows best.

~ TALL TIMBER Trilogy ~

Daniel’s heart started thumping wildly when he saw the knife in the man’s chest—not any knife—his knife.

Daniel Dunn thought his life couldn’t get any worse. His beloved wife died giving birth to their only son and he was left to care for and feed his five children, but how could he do that when he needed to get back to the lumber camps to earn some money? Now this lumberjack’s murder was being pinned on him as well as the recent robberies in town.

Why was he being framed? What would happen to his children if he was in jail? And why did the only person who seemed to believe in him have to be a preacher who dogged his steps and kept a running sermon going in his ear?

Mercy Crane had been jilted by a man once and vowed to never let it happen again, but seeing the five motherless children in need meant involving herself not only with them, but also with their father. If only he weren’t in the picture ...

“You’re kind of cute. If we was stayin’ in this backwoods town, I’d be your feller…”

Delany Dunn never forgot the words or the face of the impudent boy who spoke to her eight years ago. Perhaps it was her memory of him and the wink he gave her that kept her from being interested in the young men who wished to call on her. Only when the wealthy Blackmores showed up in town and she was face-to-face with Ben once more did she realize why she could never forget him.

Ben Blackmore worked a season with one of his father's logging camps to better understand the business and thought he was ready to fill the management role his father had lined up for him, but two events in his life changed everything. First, a sky pilot led him to the Lord, and second, he met Delaney again.

Ben and Delaney barely have time to become reacquainted when the town is stunned by a kidnapping. The Blackmores' youngest son is gone, and a ransom is demanded. But Delaney and her brother are also missing. Are they together? Who did this? And why?

"Brother Beloved" (Book Three)

Coming Soon ... !


Author Interview

What genre(s) do you write?

MargoChristian Fiction Romance

Do you have a release date for your next book?

Margo: Pre-release in the next few weeks

What impact do you hope your books will have on readers?

Margo: An uplifting, entertaining story with the message of the Gospel of God’s grace

What’s one of the best things about being an author?

Margo: Being the director of the story, shaping the outcome

What made you decide to start writing?

Margo: I didn’t like the way a book I was reading ended. I wanted to see if I could do better and I wanted to leave something for my children that I had done.

Which one of your books would you call the ‘story of your heart’ (or are they all)?

Margo: They all are.

Why do you write?

Margo: I enjoy it and I enjoy hearing from readers who love my work.

Of all your books, do you have a favorite cover?

Margo: They have all been special.

Are there any fellow authors who inspire you?

Margo: Lori Wick, Jeanette Oke, Louis L’Amour, Alistair MacClean

What do you do for fun?

Margo: Read. Play with grandchildren. Walk and bike ride.

What was your hardest book to write, and why?

Margo: The next one. Each book had its difficult moments, but they always work out.

What writing project are you working on right now?

Margo: I’m finishing my Tall Timber Trilogy

What are some of your favorite books (not your own)?

Margo: Moonraker’s Bride by Madeline Brent; Louis L’Amour’s books

What does your writing process look like?

Margo: I make notes of my characters as they appear in the story. I re-read my previous day’s work then continue.

Where do you usually write?

Margo: In my den. I used to write with pencil and paper and then type into my computer, but now I just use the computer.

When do you usually write?

Margo: After I get my housework done, I can concentrate on my books.

Thank you so much for joining me on my blog, Margo! I hope this will help you get more readers! *smiles*

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Enter the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win a paperback copy of Sky's Bridal Train {Newly Weds #1} or a paperback copy of Greatly Beloved {Tall Timber Trilogy #1}. Two winners! USA ENTRIES ONLY.
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Blog Tour: The Sound of Silver Birthday!

It's the Book Birthday Blog Tour for The Sound of Silver by Rachelle Rea! This is book #2 of a Christian, medieval historical romance series. (Isn't the cover gorgeous?)

Scroll to the end of this post for a fabulous giveaway!

ABOUT The Sound of Silver

The stalwart saint and the redeemed rebel. One fights for faith, the other for honor …

After Dirk rescues Gwyneth from the Iconoclastic Fury, she discovers that faith is sometimes fragile—and hope is not as easy as it may seem. Gwyneth continues her quest to learn more about the love of God preached by Protestants she once distrusted.

Meanwhile, Dirk’s quest is to prevent his sullied name from staining hers. Will his choice to protect her prove the undoing of her first faltering steps toward a Father God? Once separated, will Dirk and Gwyneth’s searching hearts ever sing the same song?

Barnes & Noble:
Books a Million:

ABOUT The Steadfast Love SERIES

In 16th-century Europe, the Reformation rages between Protestants and Catholics. Gwyneth, half-Dutch, flees from England to Holland to escape the man who murdered her parents. When he follows her there and insists he came to rescue her, will she trust this man called Dirk? When tragedy strikes, will their steadfast love erode?

Book One - The Sound of Diamonds

Book Three - The Sound of Emeralds


Times gone by snatch Rachelle Rea Cobb close, so she reads and writes about years long ago - her passions include the Reformation, Revolutions, and romance. Rachelle wrote the Steadfast Love series during college. Five months after she graduated, she signed a three-book deal with her dream publisher, WhiteFire. She's a homeschool grad, Oreo addict, and plots her novels while driving around her dream car, a pick-up truck. In June 2016, she married a man with the same name as her fictional hero, and they live happily ever after in Small Town, South.


Instagram: @RachelleReaCobb

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below to win a beautiful necklace created by Baubles, Beads, and Stuff and your choice of any one of Rachelle’s three books (the series begins in Book One, of course, but in case you have one or two of her books already, Rachelle will gladly send you the next one to read!).

International friends, the paperback & necklace giveaway is open to continental U.S. addresses only (sorry!). But do still enter, because one international winner will also be chosen to receive an e-book.
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Hidden Gems: Tricia Mingerink

Today for Hidden Gems we have an interview with the wonderful Tricia Mingerink, author of THE BLADES OF ACKTAR, which many of my reader friends are so fond of! *grins* I myself love these books, and I hope that this post will convince you to give them a try, if you haven't already!

Reasons I Think This Author Is One You Need To Discover:

  • Book are Christian Fantasy - Non-magical and Unique
  • Poignant, Encouraging, and Thought-Provoking Faith Themes (caution: can get very intense & some violence/gruesomesness)
  • Awesome Characters - the Kind that You Love, and Squeal Over, and Claim as Your Friends
  • Action-Filled, Humorous, Heart-Touching, Amazing-ness! *grins*
  • And Leith Torren ... Renna and Brandi ... and Jamie *hugs them all*


Introducing ... Tricia Mingerink

TRICIA MINGERINK is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn't writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.



Courage could cost him everything. 

Third Blade Leith Torren never questions his orders or his loyalty to King Respen until an arrow wound and a prairie blizzard drive him to the doorstep of the girls whose family he once destroyed.

Their forbidden faith and ties to the Resistance could devastate their family a second time. 

Survival depends on obedience, but freedom beckons. How far does he dare go to resist the king and his Blades?

No matter what Leith chooses, one thing is certain.

Someone will die.

All lies have consequences. 

Promoted to the top rank among King Respen’s assassins, First Blade Leith Torren hides his involvement with the Resistance. How many lies will it take to protect his secret? 

Renna Faythe has done nothing but survive for the past four years, but now Leith’s courage inspires her to try to be something more. If only she could figure out what that duty might be. 

When the unthinkable happens, faith wavers. Friendships tear. What else will they be forced to deny? 

But this time, Leith faces his greatest fear. 

He can’t save everyone.

The war for Acktar has begun. 

With his betrayal revealed, former Blade Leith Torren flees into the Sheered Rock Hills, pursued by King Respen’s vengeful Blades. 

Left behind at Nalgar Castle, Renna Faythe tries to find her purpose, yet that purpose isn’t what she expected. 

Brandi Faythe has been torn from her sister, and that isn’t all right. If Leith can’t rescue Renna, Brandi will take matters into her own hands. 

War demands sacrifice. Courage falters. Who will find the strength to defy King Respen?

Acktar rests on one hope: 
The Leader is ready.

(mock cover)

Can something broken ever heal?

Coming Soon ... !

A Prequel Short Story to The Blades of Acktar Series. Sign up for Tricia Mingerink's newsletter, and receive a free e-book copy of Deal!


Author Interview

What genre(s) do you write?

Tricia: I write fantasy for the most part, though I have ideas for books in other speculative genres, such as steampunk.

Do you have a release date for your next book?

Tricia: Not yet, though I know my readers are rather anxious for The Blades of Acktar #4.

What impact do you hope your books will have on readers?

Tricia: I hope that my books make readers think about what they believe and why they believe it. I hope they finish the books feeling uplifted and challenged.

Of all your books, do you have a favorite cover?

Tricia: Personally, the cover for Deny is my favorite. I love the look of the horses and Walden in the background, and the scenery is so Acktarian I can’t help but adore it.

Are there any fellow authors who inspire you?

Tricia: I am inspired by my fellow authors all the time. Nadine Brandes is a huge inspiration (not to mention she’s my editor). She’s an example of the kind of author I want to be. Jaye L. Knight is so good at helping new authors along, and her books are amazing! Not to mention, she’s one of the few making a living at her writing and creative pursuits, and that inspires me that keep dreaming.

What was your hardest book to write, and why?

Tricia: So far, that has been Deny. I’ve mentioned this before, but that book was seriously a problem child. It was a hard first draft. A hard second draft (which was basically writing a whole new book). And a hard third draft. Because of the things that happen in the book, it was also a hard audiobook to proof.

That book was hard because of the subject matter, but it was also hard because it was the middle book (at least, in the trilogy I originally planned). When I get ideas, I tend to get ideas for the beginning and the end of projects. I knew the beginning and end of Dare and I knew the beginning and end of the series (Dare and Defy)But I really had no idea what happened in Deny besides where I had to end up. It took a long time to hash out exactly where that book had to go.

I still struggle with writing the middle of books. The only book I haven’t had to struggle with the middle was Defy.

What do you do for fun?

Tricia: Read. Duh. I love going on camping trips and doing lots of hiking. I spend time riding and brushing my horse. He’s pretty much Maximus from Tangled. He’s only happy when he has been properly admired.

By the time this interview goes live, I will probably be also busy remodeling the fixer upper house I’m in the process of buying.

Thanks so much for being here, Tricia! Always a pleasure to have you, and I hope this post helps your books reach even more readers! ^_^

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Enter the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win a signed paperback from Tricia Mingerink! Winner's choice! One winner. USA ENTRIES ONLY.
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