About Me

Hello, fair readers!

Welcome to my blog, Between the Pages of this Bookish Life (originally, A Writer's Heart). I'm Shantelle Mary, a bookish, daydreaming girl in her twenties, reader, writer, daughter, sister; but first and foremost, child of the King.

One of my deepest desires is to grow ever closer to Jesus Christ; and that everything I do will glorify Him! I want to be who God designed me to be, and follow His path for my life.

At about eight-years-old, I discovered a passion for penning stories. I published my first work, A Dream Not Imagined, June 2015. It's a fun fairy tale novella, with a thoughtful message. Available on Amazon and Createspace.

Currently, I'm working on a full-length fantasy novel called Silver Rose. It's been written, rewritten, and edited (again and again). My hope is to publish this story next.

As you've most likely discerned, I love all things bookish. After learning to read, I quickly developed a passion for books. Love reading them, love receiving a new book, love gazing at my tidy bookshelf, love discussing books with my friends, love book cover design ... just, love books.

I mostly read Christian Fiction (fantasy, fairy tale, historical, dystopian, and sometimes contemporary), though I sometimes find myself engrossed in clean mainstream YA novels. I also try to read some Christian Living books, and the Bible is a part of my daily reading.

*Click HERE for a tour of my personal bookshelf from my Youtube channel!*

Let's see. What else?

  • I love femininity and things like pearls, lace, elegant tea parties, knights and princesses, and pretty dresses. *smiles*
  • I'm intrigued by history. The medieval times are fascinating. The colonial days of America are a favorite era of mine. Regency, The War Between the States, queens and kings of old, western, World War II era, Laura Ingalls Wilder stories, Robin Hood legend, Edwardian days, the Oregon trail ... it all catches my attention ... *happy flail*
  • Narnia movies are a favorite! I just love watching the three that are out so far! EEP! Fantasy is just ... too incredible for words! *grins* "The Hobbit" movies and "How to Train Your Dragon" movies also entertain me.
  • Chocolate is a must. Along with some sea salt & cracked pepper chips. Hehe. I am into health though ... truly!
  • I'm a quiet extrovert. Or so says this personality test I did: Advocate Personality: INFJ. I tend to be quiet and awkward in social gatherings, but I love connecting with people! I believe God created us for companionship. Love chatting with people who have similar interests and such as me. So comment away on my posts if you so desire! *big smiles*

So yes, there’s a little about myself. I hope I can connect with you through this! *hugs*


  1. Nice to get to know you, Shantell! Amber Stokes tweeted about your Resistance review and I just had to stop by and read it. Such a lovely review! Very mature, on point, and well written, too. Just thought to stop by and say congrats on your new blog. Wishing you the best! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Miranda! :) It has been wonderful having this blog and meeting authors and readers! :) I'm glad you liked my review of Resistance!
    Oh, and I'm hoping to read your book when I get the chance! :)

    1. Most welcome! Truly delighted you want to read my book! Please send me a link when you post a review! :)

  3. Hello! First of all: Congrats on the coming release of your first published novella! It sounds lovely. I am a book reviewer on my blog, and was wondering if you'd possibly be interested in allowing me to read and review "A Dream Not Imagined"? If not, I totally understand, just wanted to ask!
    I blog here:
    Have a grand day!

    1. Hi Raechel! Thanks for stopping by! And thank you!! :-) :-) I'm so excited to be releasing my first book!

      That would be awesome!! If you give me a way to contact you, I will let you know when my last beta readers/proofreaders finish with A Dream Not Imagined. I'd be happy to provide you with a PDF copy in exchange for a review! :-)


  4. Hey Shantelle!
    I love writing books, reading historical fiction, and although I am a bit socially awkward, but love connecting with people! You sound quite like me. :D

    1. Hi Sarah!
      It does sound like we have a lot in common! Wonderful!! :D I hope to get to know you more!

  5. Hey, Shantelle. I don't have Youtube, so I couldn't comment on my interest in your book/movie sale. :)

    I'm interested in Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun. Is there a way I could contact you if I decide I want to get it?

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you for your interest! :) You can email me at swordmaidenofthelight(at)gmail(dot)com!

  6. Hello Shantelle! I just found your blog after looking at your novella on Amazon! It sounds really good! I published my novella this year, so I understand all about that! =) (you can see about it on my blog) I am working on another novel currently as well! And it is wonderful to meet more of my sisters in Christ!! <3

    You have a new follower! =)

    ~Hosanna Emily

    1. Nice to meet you, Hosanna Emily! :) And thanks for your interest in my novella! ^_^ I will definitely check out your blog and writing projects when I get the chance ... Yes, it is so lovely to meet fellow Christians and writers!! :)

      Thank you! So glad you found my blog! Blessings!

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for your Godly blog! I recently hosted a giveaway for a blog and I noticed that you did, as well (beablessingnotimpressing@blogspot.com). I have a couple questions about your experience with doing that. Please email me at sewsarah96@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

    Love in Christ,

    1. Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond! You're welcome, I'm glad you've enjoyed! I shall email you! :)

      Blessings and thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. Hey Shantelle! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I thought you might be interested in a project idea....I didn't find a place to personal message you, so sorry I commented on here....

    Would you be interested in placing in ad in our upcoming magazine issue? Crown of Beauty Magazine is read by Christian girls all over the world ages 13 to 30.

    We're getting ready to release our February 2017 online issue and we have several advertising slots available. Our last issue had 10,782 views.

    Our ad options include...
    A simple text shout out on our "Favorite Ministry Partner" page: $10.00

    A half page image or logo add: $25.00

    A product placement (such as your book) with an honest review from our staff $50.00

    A full blown, 2 to 4 page spread with images, content, etc to promote and feature A Dream Not Imagined $100

    Would you be interested in any of these options to be featured in our upcoming issue?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    ~By His Grace,

    1. Hi Halee!

      Sounds like you have a great project going! That's really neat. :) Unfortunately, I won't be able to put something in your magazine at this time. But if I ever can, I will let you know.

      Thanks for asking! Blessings! :)

  9. Hi there,
    I couldn't find a place to contact you so sorry I commented here. I noticed from your review on goodreads that you are a fan of the A Life of Faith Millie Keith series. So am I ��. It made me very said after discovering this series to learn that it was out of print. This said, I have started a group of girls, mothers, sisters, etc trying to get this series back into print by writing letters to the company. If you're interested in helping, and it would sure be a lot of help as unfortunately I haven't been able to contact many readers, please follow this link to my blog where I give more info. https://hannahloviisawriter.com/2017/04/25/calling-all-millie-keith-fans/

    Thanks so much,
    Hannah Loviisa

    1. Hi, Hannah! No problem - you can comment here! :)

      Ah, the A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series is so good! I will check out your link and project when I get the chance! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and wishing you the best! ^_^


  10. I love this blog and I enjoyed getting to know you from your "About Me" page. :) You seem really awesome.

    1. Aw, thank you, Xila! I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

  11. I was wondering if you would be willing to review and/or promote a newly-published (March) Christian romance novella, Heaven Shining Through. I currently live in Dover-Foxcroft, ME.
    Book Title and Genre: Heaven Shining Through, Christian Romance/Relationships
    Release Date: March, 2018. Self-published through Xulon, 64 pages
    Samantha is dreading her return home. Throughout her life, she had a rocky relationship with her mother – and now her mother is all she has left.
    Through a nostalgic look back, Samantha recognizes the presence of God in an
    ordinary life. She learns more about herself as a wife and mother who has had
    her share of sorrow and blessings.
    As her faith increases, she is able to see her mother through new eyes, leading
    to reconciliation … and is reminded of that every time she sees Heaven Shining Through

    If interested, please let me know about your procedures. Hard copy or Kindle
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    I am also in the final editing of a second book based on the posts found on my blog, https://wisdomfromafather.wordpress.com/. Appropriately titled Wisdom From a Father, the book will contain updated posts, all reflecting two facets of my complex life. My comments are always filtered through the lens of Judeo-Christian values and largely based on 40 years of marriage raising five children. It is scheduled for a mid-November release.

    Joe Siccardi

  12. Hi Shantelle Mary,

    My name is Ronke and I think your name is pretty. If you are accepting books for review, I would like to humbly present mine. The Perfection in Love is a three-part series on the journey of a newly married couple to True Love. First two parts can be found here: https://www.cutieforjesus.com/store.html (This is just the Link to all the other links! :D)

  13. Greetings Shantell!I have just released a fiction series that propels the modern reader (and modern characters) back in time to 1st century Jerusalem. After browsing through the variety of books that you have reviewed, I think this may fit into your oeuvre. Like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, it uses a time travel device to put the characters into an ancient historical setting, the crucifixion of Christ. The point of the series is to bring biblical events to those who don’t seek them out AND make it interesting without being preachy. The book blurb is below:

    A kidnapping, a time traveler, a prophesy fulfilled, all coalesce to create a mystery unsolved.

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    When her journey to fulfill prophesies carries them both to Pontius Pilate’s court, his intervention in a savage trial turns deadly when he is sentenced to be scourged and then crucified as an example to all who might interfere.
    To save him, she must betray her holy mission.

    But when the future intercedes, truth blurs and reality goes sideways.

    Bloodgood Messiah is the first novel in the Bloodgood series


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  14. I like the description of yourself which includes romance, chocolate, femininity, etc. Pink is my favorite color. In my true story I tell why pink is my favorite rose color.

    Please consider reviewing newly released, non-fiction, "faulty Christian." I join online dating, marry a successful Canadian and leave everything for the promise of love and adventure. I got both and more. Bizarre events and my shocking reactions have me admitting I'm imperfect. But no one is perfect...no, not one.

    Christian editors who edited my book say it's one of the most compelling they've read.

  15. Hi Shantelle. I must say I'm quite intrigued just by reading your profile. I am looking forward to reading your books. 'Isaaih's daughter' captured my attention when I saw it's cover on Pinterest. How can I access it online?

  16. Hello Shantelle. My name is Kristin Tucker. My novel, "The Secret in the Cliffs", has recently been traditionally published by eLectio Publishing. The release date was September 6, 2018. It is an action/adventure novel for late elementary aged children and up. I have also had several adults read the book who tell me that they greatly enjoyed it. I assure you that my book is one that will cause children to love to read again.

    I am in the process of trying to spread the word about my book. I was told by a team member of Renaissance (who I understand is the company that decides which books are included on school AR lists) that in order for my novel to be considered for school AR lists, I will need to have several organizations such as yours write reviews about my book so that it may gain popularity. I am including a copy of my book for you or your staff to read. It is my sincerest hope that once you have read this story that you might write up a favorable review of it in your publication.

    My book is available for purchase on my website: kristintuckerbooks.com. It is also available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and the eLectio Publishing website.

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