Friday, August 31, 2018

Thief of Corinth by Tessa Afshar

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Title: Thief of Corinth

Author: Tessa Afshar

Series: Standalone

Genre: Biblical Historical

Audience: Adult


First-century Corinth is a city teeming with commerce and charm. It’s also filled with danger and corruption—the perfect setting for Ariadne’s greatest adventure.

After years spent living with her mother and oppressive grandfather in Athens, Ariadne runs away to her father’s home in Corinth, only to discover the perilous secret that destroyed his marriage: though a Greek of high birth, Galenos is the infamous thief who has been robbing the city’s corrupt of their ill-gotten gains.

Desperate to keep him safe, Ariadne risks her good name, her freedom, and the love of the man she adores to become her father’s apprentice. As her unusual athletic ability leads her into dangerous exploits, Ariadne discovers that she secretly revels in playing with fire. But when the wrong person discovers their secret, Ariadne and her father find their future—and very lives—hanging in the balance.

When they befriend a Jewish rabbi named Paul, they realize that his radical message challenges everything they’ve fought to build, yet offers something neither dared hope for.

**5 stars**

Tessa Afshar has become an author that I one-hundred percent recommend. I hardly have to wonder anymore if I'll love her books; each new one I read is phenomenal. Thief of Corinth was beautiful. It was deeply emotional, as well as an intriguing, adventurous page-turner.

I'm not sure about her older books (the ones set in the Old Testament) because it has been awhile since I've read them, but Tessa's writing style in her three latest novels is wonderful. It's a little different, but masterful and definitely keeps me reading. I just love it.

The city of Corinth came to life within the pages of Thief of Corinth. It was so interesting to me. It was quite an adventure to journey with our main character, Ariadne, on these ancient streets as she struggles to work through the wounds of an abusive childhood and the pain and chaos of her here and now.

The characters were fabulous, as always. Complex and each adding something special to the story. I love that we get to see Paul again! Tessa Afshar really brings this amazing apostle of Christ to life, and I love contemplating what it would have been like to know him and if he would have been something like this book portrays.

Some parts of this book were so hard, but it spoke to me. I cried and I cried again. It seems that Tessa Afshar writes stories straight from the heart. So real and raw and painful. But there is beauty. And redemption. And love. Amazing.
This might not be the best book for people feeling very emotionally fragile, but I found it to be an incredible story of pain and forgiveness.

Thief of Corinth is about abuse, divorce, loss, sin, pain, danger, and ... Jesus Christ. It has a tender love story and plenty of adventure. It is about a beautiful and broken girl who is about to have an encounter with God.

If you are a fan of Biblical historical ... or are a fan of authentic, emotional fiction in general ... read this book!

I received a copy of Thief of Corinth from Tyndale Blogger Program in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Book Spotlight: Fairest Son by H.S.J. Williams

Hi, friends and readers! I have something quite special for you today ... one of my blogger friends is releasing her first work of fiction! *cheers excitedly* It's a fairytale retelling novella and I myself can hardly wait to read it! I love fairytale retellings, and I'm certain that whatever Ms. Williams writes will be worth reading. Congrats, sweet friend!

Lean all about it below!

About the Book

The Fair and Foul courts of the fey folk have long yearned for one to bring them together in peace, but hopes are dashed when the fairest prince and the prophecy concerning him are laid to ruin. Burdened with shame and sorrow, the prince flees to the cold mountains far above the forests and lochs with nothing but animals and goblins for company.

When a human huntress stumbles upon him in her search for a legendary predator, their fates are intertwined. But she hides deadly secrets, and if he dares to trust her, he may risk the doom of both courts to an ancient evil...

A novella retelling of Snow White

About the Author

From the beginning, H. S. J. Williams has loved stories and all the forms they take. Whether with word, art, or costume, she has always been fascinated with the magic of imagination. She lives in a real fantastical kingdom, the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with her very own array of animal friends and royally loving family. Williams taught Fantasy Illustration at MSOA. She may also be a part-time elf.


About the Artist

Irina Plachkova is an acclaimed artist, freelance illustrator, and fashion designer, better known as PhantomRin. You can find more of her work at


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