Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Review: The Remedy by Serena Chase

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Title: The Remedy

Author: Serena Chase

Series: Eyes of E'veria #2

Genre: Fantasy/FairyTale

Audience: Young Adult

**5 stars**

A lovely sequel to The Ryn, The Remedy continues with adventure, excitement, drama, and love. It was easy to return to its pages and journey along with Princess Rynnaia. And what an incredible journey! Thrilling and mysterious to say some.

Now that Rose knows she's the crown princess, Rynnaia, and also the prophesied Ryn, she sets out with her "brother" Kinley, Knight Julien, his older brother, younger sister, Erielle, and a few other brave souls to seek the remedy to the Cobeld's curse. Many dangers assail them. Mysteries are undone, and important things are realized.

I'm left breathlessly wondering what will happen next! This is a great fantasy series, with a Christian allegory ever present, plenty of adventure, and a good amount of beautiful romance. I appreciate Serena Chase putting in little lessons about pride, especially since our main character is "The Ryn", quite a popular figure. Also, the romance was sweet, though a bit more mature than in The Ryn I believe. Erielle developed even more in this book, and I'm so excited to read more about her. Oh, and Cazian the pirate. I'm so intrigued by his strange behavior. And Erielle's green eyes!! The Seahorse Legacy is going to be epic I think! *grins*

A complaint ... A few times I felt that Rynnaia was revered a bit too much. She's only human after all. Appointed the Ryn by The First, able to do all this stuff because of Him, given all her gifts and abilities by Him. None of it she attained herself. And while this is said clearly in the book, I still felt she was revered too much at times. The pride scene did help me feel better about that. ***SPOILER ALERT*** But when she "defeats" Cobeld, who I assume represents Satan, I was left quite confused. Yes, she did it only through The First (God), but still, people said, "You defeated Cobeld". Which only God can do. Our only hope of "defeating" Satan, is through Christ living in us. Him. He's the only one who can destroy evil. So that's what happens to a certain extent, but ... I don't know. Read it and see what you think! ***SPOILER ALERT ENDS***

Anyway, overall it was an amazing read. I love the magical, whimsical, fae, fairy feel. Yes, lots of words that mean basically the same thing. But I just felt I had to use them all in order to convey how lovely this storyworld really is. I love fairytales!!! The Ryn, The Remedy, and The Seahorse Legacy are all supposed to have perhaps multiple fairytale retellings woven into their lines. So The Remedy was grand. I felt it portrayed a Christian allegory in a very good, beautiful way for the most part. Very lovely as well.

As I mentioned maybe a few times, I'm so excited to read The Seahorse Legacy. This series is enthralling, people. If you like fantasy, Christian allegories, fairytales, adventures ... you should really try it out! *smiles*

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