Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book Review: Dark Storm Rising by Jesseca Wheaton

Title: Dark Storm Rising

Author: Jesseca Wheaton

Series: Standalone Novel

Genre: Historical

Audience: Children/Teen


Helena and Max are just two normal cousins living in north-east Austria. But when Hitler takes over Germany and the unrest grows against the Jews, their families become two of many, helping Germany's Jews across the border. Then, on the night the Anschluss is signed and on their way to deliver a secret message, Helena and Max are captured by a high-ranking officer in the Wehrmacht. Confined within the enemy's walls, Helena and Max have many unanswered questions. If Germany is not at war with Austria, then why have they been captured? Who can they trust? And will they ever see their families again? Encountering many surprises along the way, Helena and Max learn that God’s plans are always best, and the power of forgiveness.

**4 stars**

I really enjoyed this exciting tale by Jesseca Wheaton!Dark Storm Rising is her debut novel, and is a short-ish story set in Austria and surrounding the lives of cousins Max and Helena. Their peaceful existence is suddenly thrown upside down as they come face to face with some of Hitler's men one night in a time of unrest.

As I said above, so enjoyable! Though set in a terrible time, with danger and uncertainty, it really was fun and exciting to read. This book somewhat reminded me of a Nancy Drew book I read awhile ago (Captive Witness). It's thrilling and dangerous; and touches on the dark things happening; but is not at all overly terrifying. Great book for children to teens. And older! *smiles*

It gives a peek into history - very interesting. And also has a lovely faith theme. I found it to be touching and poignant.

Max and Helena were both good characters. I also enjoyed Daniel, and the others! There was a sweet secondary romance mentioned too, that just added to the story! ^_^ *wink*

Overall, I'd say it's a wonderful family book that teaches history and good lessons. I look forward to reading more by Jesseca Wheaton!

I received a copy of Dark Storm Rising from the author in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you for reviewing it, Shantelle! :)

    1. You're welcome, Jesseca!! I quite enjoyed it! ^_^