Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tonight & Monday Last Chance to Get Book Deals!

In case you missed the epic Black Friday Christian Indie Book Sale going on ... you still have tonight and Monday to grab some great deals!

Go to this special site where we have sales on paperbacks:

My own novella, A Dream Not Imagined, has a special sale - $6.99 and FREE shipping.
On, it's $5.99 + $3.99 shipping; so you're saving about $3.00 if you order it from this site tonight or tomorrow (Monday)!

Or you can get the kindle version FREE on Amazon: 

Be sure to leave a review on and if you read and enjoy it! ^_^

Some other epic deals include Jaye L. Knight's ILYON CHRONICLES package deal for $27.00 and FREE shipping.

Molly Evangeline's MAKILIEN TRILOGY package deal for $30.00 and FREE shipping. (I bought this one and am SO EXCITED to get it in the mail!)

Tricia Mingerink's Dare [THE BLADES OF ACKTAR #1] for $11.00 and FREE shipping.

And many more! There's Fantasy, Historical, Children, Romance, Contemporary, and special Package Deals.

Don't miss!! :D


  1. There are some great deals on that site! I took advantage of some of the free ebooks on there. :)

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for The Tag of Happiness on my blog!

    1. Yes there is! And I did as well! :D Free e-books are always great!

      And thank you for the tag, Serena! It looks lovely, and I will surely do it as soon as I can! ^_^