Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Review: Hebbros by Nicole Sager

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Title: Hebbros

Author: Nicole Sager

Series: A Companions of Acrea Novel #1

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Teen

**5 stars**

A magnificent accomplishment. Hebbros is a non-magic fantasy book of amazing depth and incredible writing style. Nicole Sager has definitely delivered a story that will not soon be forgotten by me ... and I am anxious to read more by her!

Hebbros is a city bent on a sin-laden path to destruction. A group called the Faithful strive to live freely there, but are slowly being annihilated by a wicked ruler. Luke and Christopher, twins, are two of the many children who are forced to make a choice when the unexpected happens. Will they stay strong in the ways of the Faithful? Or will they slowly become resigned to their fate in Hebbros? Enter, a so-called indifferent young lord and his selfish sister. The evil twins, Warin and Wulf, who are bent on making Luke's life miserable. A gentle slave girl named Sarah ...  –Among many others. Will the Faithful die out as evil men upon evil men seek their lives? Or is there hope in Exile?

I just ... I just want a sequel! *smiles* There are so many characters I long to continue alongside! This book drew me in, the characters etched themselves on my heart, the storyline pricked my soul. A fantastic, fantastic tale.

There were many “main” characters. In fact, I don't think I can even name them all. At first, this wasn't my favorite aspect of the story. I found myself confused and even a little exhausted at times, jumping from character to character. But once I got to know them all, it was actually quite wonderful to  know in-depth each of their stories. So yeah, I quickly came to like all the main characters. It is pretty amazing how Nicole Sager wove together each one's tale in such complex, fascinating, and mysterious ways. Lord Bradley, Sarah, Luke, Christopher, Lady Rosalynn, Pavia, Ned, Sadie, Elaina, Lord Roland, Warin ... I just fell into their stories! I long to read more of them! *smiles*

Hebbros was quite a deep book. In many ways, it reminded me of Resistance by Jaye L. Knight. The faith aspect is the center of the book, and under persecution in the story. So yes, truly, Hebbros tells an amazing story of faith, courage, trust, and all that. God is glorified! I am just, yeah, astounded by the depth, the insight, of this book. Great job, Nicole Sager! The books I most deeply appreciate are the ones where God is the center. Hebbros certainly makes that list.

Though this book has a more dark, solemn theme, there is still a good amount of humor, which was just such fun! Oh, Lord Bradley! *smiles* Oh, and the part were that mentioned character gives his gift to Sarah is also a personal favorite part of the story! So utterly sweet, and meaningful.

There was no extreme violence, in fact, quite minimal. Romances are to be found, but they are often subtle, and always sweet! So there's not much to caution younger readers about as for this book. I for one, can't wait to get my younger sisters reading it!

Overall, a (huge), incredible book, spanning 14 years actually, with all the right aspects that make up an epic novel. Faith, fantasy, adventure, humor, sweet romances ... It was poignant, stirring, touching, and altogether satisfying.

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