Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Silver Rose ABC: Beautiful End

B for Beautiful End.

I'm not actually certain if Silver Rose has a beautiful end (I would like to think so though) ... but the point of this post is, end. Yes, today marks a very important day for this author, for she has finally—after nearly three years and several severe bouts of writer's block—finished her very first full-length novel!! ^_^ ^_^

I've written several short stories, a few children's books (which I very much doubt are even half the length of Silver Rose), and I even have two 100-200 page novels that are currently on hold; but Silver Rose is my first official full-length novel to write “the end” on. Yes, I've finished it!

274 pages ... which could quite possibly make it around 548 pages in average book form. 189,488 words, according to Microsoft Word at least. Thirty-four chapters, plus the prologue and epilogue. Can you tell I'm excited? *smiles*

I'm thrilled, guys. I feel a sense of joy and accomplishment ... Not exactly looking forward to editing, but publishing suddenly seems ever so nearer!

But truly, seeing this story of my heart finally come to a satisfying conclusion is just priceless. It makes my writer's heart burst with happiness. You authors out there know what I'm feeling, right?

Writing a story is an incredible journey; like going on an adventure that you're surprised and delighted over and over again, even though you're the one writing it. Possibilities are endless. And finishing a book is amazing. It's there. It's whole. It's finally all together. Never mind editing. Can't wait to get started on Diamond's Quest! *wink*


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you!! Finishing a book is always amazing, but especially if it's your first. 189,488 words? Wow! I haven't even managed to write a book quite that long yet. That's amazing!

    1. Thank you, Jaye!! :) It's definitely a great feeling!!
      Yes, it's quite long... haha... it just didn't want to stop! ;) I'm hoping that maybe editing will render it a little bit shorter what with publishing costs and stuff. But, knowing me, it will probably just get longer! :p
      Anyway, thanks for commenting!! I still just can't believe its finished...!

  2. You've finished it!!! Congrats!! I'm so exited for you. You've worked so hard on this book. I hope your editing goes well. ~L'Amour Lover

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, it's been a long journey. But praise God, He's made it a pretty incredible one! :)
      And thanks again; editing is going wonderful so far! Though there's a lot to do! :)