Monday, July 21, 2014

Silver Rose ABC: Anastasia

I found this idea (story ABCs) from some other bloggers, and decided to give it a try, because it sounds like fun. *smiles* Okay, so I’ll go from A to Z, naming people, things, places, etc. from my story.

Today is A, and will be about one of my more important secondary characters, Anastasia.

This will entertain me for a while, and give you a better look into what Silver Rose is all about. *smiles* So … here we go.

~Anastasia Ellwen~

Anastasia Ellwen plays a pretty big role in Silver Rose, even though she’s not a main character. She becomes one of Karalee’s best friends, though you won’t meet her until farther on in the story.
     Red hair, sea green eyes, and a pretty smile, Anastasia is rather short and petite, with a self-conscious, shy, and “I’m unworthy” disposition. However, underneath her broken exterior, she is fiery, courageous, and faithful. She just needs the right circumstances, the right people, to bring it out in her.

I love Anastasia. *smiles* She’s a good blend of wild & fiery and gentle & faithful. And she loves the King; has a simple, trusting faith in Him. She’s definitely a priceless friend for Karalee. They both freak out at times, but can be trusted to be loyal to the other.

It was fun writing her story … though I almost wish it could have been much more prominent. Hmm … we’ll see what editing does for her. *winks*

If I had to pick an actress to play Anastasia Ellwen, I would probably choose Georgie Henley.
     Partly because I can see her playing Anastasia well from her acting in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and partly because I don’t know much about many actors and actresses! Haha. Anyway, she seems to fit pretty well. *smiles*

So, that’s all for today. Tomorrow, or whenever I post next, will be B. I’ll have to decide what I’m doing for that.

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