Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review: Snowflake Bride by Jillian Hart

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Title: Snowflake Bride

Author: Jillian Hart

Series: Buttons and Bobbins #4

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**4 stars**

Snowflake Bride is the fourth book to Jillian Hart's Buttons and Bobbins series. It was really cute. Almost as soon as I started reading, I sensed that it was going to be a really sweet love story, more the kind that I like. And it was. *smiles*

Ruby Ballard is a young woman determined to get a job at the Davis estate and help provide for her family. Lorenzo is the son on her may-be employers, and has admired Ruby since almost as long as he can remember. He's hoping to court her, but she believes accepting his suit would be betraying her family and friends ...

Just a lovely little story. It was sweet and engaging, full of surprises and with an almost Cinderella theme. I really enjoyed it. The only things that got kind of old was Ruby's seemingly misguided sense of duty to her family and friends. Seventeen or eighteen, I don't feel she has an obligation to provide for her father and older brother instead of getting married to the young man she loves. However, she stayed stubborn to this theory until they were cared for. Also, she felt guilty for falling for Lorenzo because two of her friends had a crush on him. Kindness, selflessness, and sensitivity are important, but Ruby seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders, and it was never completely resolved.

So yes, that was a little frustrating. But overall, it was quite a darling story, and a lot of fun.

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