Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some news...

     Hello all, I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July! Many years ago that day, the Revolutionary War was won by the patriots/colonists, and America became an independent country! Truly a day to be thankful...

     Another thing for me to be thankful for... my baby brother has arrived! :) Babies are truly a blessing from God!! Just precious! They're so cute and tiny, and you just want to hold them all day! :)

     Oh, and I recently finished my Beauty and the Beast retelling for the contest! Whew, feels relieving to have written 'the end'. Now for the editing... :( I'm gonna have to do a lot of that. I just don't feel my story has a real sparkle; but my sisters say they LOVE it and they want me to send it in! :) We'll see.
     Anyone else finished yet? I hope all your writing is going well! :)

     Hey, here's an amazing book cover, and sounds like an amazing book too! I am hoping to read it... sometime. What do you think?

     It just captures my interest anyway! I've never heard of Angie Brashear before... wondering if this is her first book? ... does she independently-publish?
     Anyway, hopefully this post wasn't too boring! Happy writing everyone!! :) :)


  1. Aww, congratulations on your baby brother! :) That must be so fun.

    I did start my Beauty and the Beast retelling and hope to work on it in my spare time (if I can find any), but writing Ilyon book 4 and editing The King's Scrolls have need my full attention, so I probably won't enter the contest since I doubt it will be ready in time. I do hope to finish it sometime, though, and publish it. Good luck on editing!

    1. Thank you! Oh, it is! :) Such a special thing, having a baby in the house... <3

      Well, best of luck on your Beauty and the Beast story! I look forward to reading it, however it gets published! :) Ooh, The King's Scrolls, so excited!!

      Thanks! Hopefully I polish it up so that I'm satisfied with it! Such fun, retelling a fairytale! :)

  2. Aww, that's awesome! ^_^ I'm sure he's adorable! My baby brother is turning 11 this year so... it's been awhile since he was very holdable. ;)

    Congrats on finishing your story!! :D How long is it? Good luck on the editing! I'm sure your story does have sparkle! :)

    Wow, quite the scary looking cover... o.o Fascinating though... I like the dragon and the hair. ;) And anything "woodlands" interests me... I shall have to look it up.

    Although I'm not writing for the contest, I am writing for Camp NaNo, so I shall take your "happy writing" to mean that. :P Happy editing to you!

    1. He is adorable! :) Haha, yes, I suppose they don't want to get rock-a-byed anymore at that age, ;) So I should hold my little brother a lot while I have the chance, right? :) :)

      Thank you! It's like a few hundred words over 20,000... so I'll have to remedy that while I'm editing I guess! :/ Well, thanks for your kind words, :), I'll just hope that once I'm done going through it, it'll have a little more sparkle in my eyes!

      I know! It sure makes me anxious to read the story within! :)

      Sure, happy writing with whatever you're writing! And thanks again, I shall endeavor to do my best with the nasty business of editing. Just kidding; it's not so nasty. Only sometimes it is. Haha, :)

  3. Such exciting things going on! Congrats on the new little brother, and on your story! I've been thinking of writing one for the contest as well, but not sure I'll have the time ....

    1. Thank you!! :) I hope you find some time to write for the contest... it's quite a fun experience! Beauty and the Beast is an interesting fairytale to retell to be sure. And you never know if yours might just get picked! :)