Sunday, July 20, 2014

Movie Review: Tuck Everlasting

My Review (1 star):
     Tuck Everlasting (2002) tells the story of a young girl longing to be free and really live, and a family bearing the name Tuck, who accidentally became immortal.
     My initial thoughts were, "this is kind of strange"... Then, "it's sort of like an interesting fantasy"... and lastly, "it's a terrible story with no point!"
     Well, it did have a point. Which was, as quoted in the movie, “you don't have to live forever; you just have to live.” It may sound poetic and all, but I just wasn't really impressed. Someone maybe got their “happily ever after”, but it really was just a sorrowful tale. Sad; no happy ending that you built up to and watched unfold. I don't see the purpose of devoting all the time and money to make a movie that kind of clumsily brings across the point that living forever wouldn't bring you happiness or satisfaction. We all know immortality on this earth is impossible. However, everlasting life in heaven is going to be pretty superb, I'm guessing!
     So yeah, this movie just left me unsatisfied, a little confused. Some parts were interesting. Sweet. Lovely. And a little spooky. But it was silly all in all for me. ***Spoiler Alert*** The romance of this story was really just an infatuation, because Winnie obviously didn't love the Tuck boy enough to drink the water and wait for him.
     Perhaps you like the kind of movies that end with a heartbroken young man looking at his beloved's grave. I don't prefer them.


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader to your blog, and I read the book several years ago. It left me kind of depressed at the end, but it actually wasn't that bad. It was probably better than the movie, at least (aren't they always?:))

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lydia! :) Books usually are better than the movies, I agree!! Tuck Everlasting just wasn't for me ... but yes, maybe the book wasn't as bad!