Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book Review: Deal by Tricia Mingerink

Title: Deal

Author: Tricia Mingerink

Series: The Blades of Acktar - Prequel Short Story

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: New Adult


Note: this is a free short story given away for newsletter subscribers

Once there was a nine-year-old boy Leith Torren who only wanted to bring food home to his mother...and was noticed by Lord Respen Felix of Blathe.

**4 stars**

Oh my heart! My poor, little Leith! *hugs him* Deal by Tricia Mingerink is a prequel short story to THE BLADES OF ACKTAR, giving us a glimpse into the young Leith Torren's life. His mother. His father. And how he met the to-be-king, Lord Respen Felix.

Oh, I love the character of Leith so much, and this backstory just made him put himself a little deeper into my heart. The harsh life he experienced, the deep pain of thinking he was unlovable. The tragedy. The betrayal. *clutches bleeding heart* Now I need to go re-read DareDenyDefy, and Deliver! -To remind myself that there's still so much ahead for Leith ... yes, some of it quite bad. But WONDERFUL THINGS too! *hugs him again for good measure*

Tricia Mingerink pens another tale, well-written and interesting. And hurtful! But the end left me wanting to delve back into this emotional, intense, amazing fantasy world.

If you are into THE BLADES OF ACKTAR series, you must read Deal, short though it is, for more backstory and insight into these beloved characters! ^_^

I received an e-book copy of Deal after signing up for Tricia Mingerink's newsletter.


  1. I LOVED Deal! Now I MUST read the rest of the series (but after reading Deal, I know I will LOVE the rest of the series!!!)!!!! =D

    1. Good!! ^_^ I think you will, Polaris! Go get yourself a copy of Dare! :)