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Book Review: All My Holy Mountain by L.B. Graham

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Title: All My Holy Mountain

Author: L. B. Graham

Series: Binding of the Blade

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

**2.5 stars**

All My Holy Mountain, the conclusion to the Binding of the Blade series. (By the way, I can't say I'm a fan of the cover. I'd prefer the man to be dressed more properly!) This book continues the final war. But things are moving quickly. Many surprising, exciting, and mind-boggling things happened in this book. There were so many moments when I was sitting there stunned, "That's who he really was ... ?" "They really did that ... ?!" The first half or so of All My Holy Mountain was fresh and exciting. It did slow down a little after that.

There was a lot of violence. Too much for my taste. I just don't like the graphic killing, and almost a carelessness about the preciousness of life. Maybe this wasn't the author's intention ... but I just don't like that much gruesome and goriness!

***SPOILER ALERT*** I would of given All My Holy Mountain a higher rating, but really, the conclusion just didn't satisfy me. As a Christian-allegory/fantasy book, I felt All My Holy Mountain was a little vague and a bit weird. Valzaan is really a Titan, and he is the one who ends up killing Malek. Doesn't Malek stand for Satan? Why then is the prophet the one who kills him?? I would think that's Allfather's place. Also, I was kind of confused when everyone started coming back to life ... yet they weren't in "heaven". It seemed that earth was just made perfect and at peace, and everyone would continue to live as they had, with Allfather (God) still invisible and up in heaven. It just had me confused and unsatisfied ... Although it was absolutely lovely to see all the fallen heroes coming back, alive and hearty!! Joraiem!!!! I would have liked more of a scene with him too. Most importantly, I wonder how Jesus fits into all this? We have Allfather who must represent God, and Malek, who seems to represents Satan, but no Savior. Benjiah lays down the blade and gets killed by Malek, and Valzaan casts Malek off the mountain. Why does it seem like mere mortals are doing all the work in this story? Obviously, these characters had a faith in Allfather, and that is what ultimately saved them. But I just wish it could have expounded more on God's all-important sacrifice through which all people may be saved! ***SPOILER ALERT ENDS***

It was a good series. Interesting, unique, and sometimes sweet. A bit too violent for my taste though. And I would have liked a stronger Christian-allegory, since its of that genre. A little more in line with Biblical things I guess. I don't really know what else to say. I was disappointed. Intriguing, well-written series, but just didn't satisfy for me in the end, as a Christian allegory.

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