Saturday, May 24, 2014

259 Pages!!

     So I’m one of those millions of aspiring authors out there… writing the book of my heart and scrambling to think of how I can get it published.

     My tale is a fantasy/Christian allegory, which happens to be one of my favorite genres. (By the way, synonyms for allegory are symbol, parable, fable, metaphor, etc... so you get a gist of what I’m actually writing!) My tentative title is Silver Rose, and I’ve been working off and on on this particular story since I was 14/15. The inspiration for it came mainly from The Chronicle of Narnia movies and the River of Time book series. From there, it has developed into something even I couldn’t have imagined!

     So, back to the title of my entry… I've reached 259 pages on Silver Rose! Truly, this is a whole lot more spectacular than it sounds. 259 Microsoft Word pages, Times New Roman, font size 10. I’m told, that might actually equal about 500 pages in a normal-size book, J. So yes, it's pretty exciting. I thank God for bringing me this far!! An end for Silver Rose is coming... I'm thinking I just have 4 or 5 more chapters to write.

     Then I edit. And hopefully find some good editors to help me! :) I plan to look into publishing through after that.

     Anyway, since pictures always make things a little more exciting, I'll share some photos from pinterest that are how I imagine my characters from Silver Rose looking.

     Without further ado, I introduce my lovely main character, Karalee Rose:
       Karalee Rose- a young woman living in Zelvin of the Kingdom of Darkness

                                   Anastasia- a serving maid in Arronada

                  Ascilia- maid in the castle of Karalee's betrothed, Lord Dunetter

                      Nenette Shonnon- young wife of Alexander Shonnon II

So there's a sneak peak at some of my characters. Well, what I imagine them to look something like, :) I found all these images on pinterest, and they are on my pinterest board: Storyboard- SILVER ROSE.

                  Story theme.... (also found on pinterest!)

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