Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cover Love!! (Historical)

New release, historical fiction that I'm excited to read... and love the covers!! :)

Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson
~Ah! So beautiful! I love Jan's books! I think this is part of her Copper Brown series~

Until That Distant Day by Jill Stengl
~Just gorgeous. This book sounds absolutely fascinating!!~

Morning Glory by Amber Stokes
~Book 3 of The Heart's Spring series. Can't wait to read this!!~

Love's Fortune by Laura Frantz
~Love the colors! Book 3 in The Ballantyne Legacy series. Laura is an amazing author!~

The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
~Regency! I love Julie's books, they're enthralling!~

So there's a few of the historical-fiction new releases that I'm excited to read! :) 


  1. Ooo! Lot's of pretties here. Love seeing Amber's, too. :)

  2. Yes... the world of book covers... so much fun! :)
    Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Those are such lovely covers - thank you for including Morning Glory among them! I'm really pleased with how my cover designer rendered my heroines and the book settings. :)

    I have Until That Distant Day to read someday on my Kindle, and I just know Laura's and Julie's will be wonderful! And Jan has quite a pretty cover for her next release. :)


    P.S.*Waving to Rissi!*

  4. Your welcome! The colors on Morning Glory are just amazing! :) And I love the model's lovely hair... and how she's holding the flower, :)

    I also have Until That Distant Day on my kindle... just waiting for an opportunity to read it! Yes, there's so many great books out there... those above are only a few of the historicals I'm excited to read! Haha, :)