Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Review: Beyond the Valley of Thorns by Patrick Carman

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Title: Beyond the Valley of Thorns

Author: Patrick Carman

Series: The Land of Elyon #2

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Children

**3 stars**

So, after loving the first book in THE LAND OF ELYON series, I was really excited to read Beyond the Valley of Thorns.

In the second installment, it's been about a year since Alexa Daley discovered the secret stone, animals, and sinister plots. She's back where she was before ... awaiting another adventure. And one comes indeed. But this new escapade is far more darker and dangerous than the last.

... And you're probably wondering about my three-star rating. Well, it means I liked this book. I enjoyed it. I'm excited to continue this series! But it just wasn't everything that the first book was. Some parts dragged a little for me, personally. It was missing the charm, intricate-ness, and thrilling nature of The Dark Hills Divide. I don't know. It wasn't horrible; I still liked it!! But it was just different. Maybe it needed a bigger ending, which means I just need to go read the next (last) two books! *grins*

We see the Christian allegory coming to surface in this book. Which is exciting! ^_^ Some parts I wasn't exactly sure where the author was going ... but overall, it's good.

Ooh, and some really cool things happened at the end. More mysteries being unraveled! Intrigue. Wonder. Things falling into place! I'm excited to see what the next book brings forth! *grins*

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