Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Review: Creighton Hill by Morgan Huneke

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Title: Creighton Hill

Author: Morgan Huneke

Series: Time Captives #1

Genre: Fantasy/Time travel

Audience: Children

**4 stars**

Fans of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, you're going to want to check out Creighton Hill by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke! Sibling adventures, wardrobes, time (realm) travel, epic fantasy worlds, and war ... this novel is full of fun and mystery.

When Joey and his siblings move into Creighton Hill with their parents, they're not sure what to expect. Will one of them one day mysteriously vanish as Aunt Bethany and other ancestors had? Grandpa had told them the story over and over - Something was special about Creighton Hill. Father and Mother brush off the stories. Others sneer and scoff. But then they see the strange light ...

This tale was really a lot of fun for me to read! *smiles* Short-ish and adventurous; keeping my attention. I LOVE Narnia, so meeting some more children who have crazy adventures including time travel (er, realm travel), and fantasy worlds was fabulous! On that note, Creighton Hill does have similarities and the potential to interest Narnia fans, but it's also it's own, unique story! ^_^

We journey along with Joey, who is an average little boy, I think. He does enjoy picking fights with his sister. Hmm ... may remind me of my own little brother, *wink*. The book also jumps into the past a bit, looking through the point of view of several Hubbard ancestors. While I would have liked more time with Joey and his siblings, it was fun to have a bit of historical tales entwined through this book.

The fantasy world ... really cool! The whole concept of Time Captives, really cool as well! *grins*

Overall, I'm intrigued. Creighton Hill was a fun adventure, introducing us to a bigger, (I'm sure), adventure that's most certainly to come in the next book! Looking forward to reading more! 

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