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Book Review: Siren's Fury by Mary Weber

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Title: Siren's Fury

Author: Mary Weber

Series: The Storm Siren Trilogy #2

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

**4 stars**

So I won this book, and I just want to take a moment to squeal about the epic-ly gorgeous cover! And how fantastic it looks in real life! And that cool spine ... can't wait to add it to my bookshelf!! *grins* I hope to purchase Storm Siren (Book 1) someday ... ah ... they'll look so pretty together! ^_^

Anyway, onto my thoughts. Firstly, I was so excited to be back into Nym's adventure! (Let's just stop a second and realize what a fantastic name "Nym" is ... truly, I love it! *smiles*) Yes. Excitement. And nervousness. Like ... Eogan??!!

So, I quite enjoyed this book for the most part. As you can see by my rating, I didn't like it as much as Storm Siren. I don't know ... I guess I liked the setting of the first book better. It was all so intriguing and mysterious and weird. (Haha.) And there was more variety and moving from place to place, I feel. Siren's Fury took place mostly aboard this airship (or something) I believe. I still liked it; I just missed some of the fantasy world.

The draewulf ... *shudder* Absolutely horrifying! All through this book I'm hoping ... hoping!! Boy, it had you on edge at some points! There was continued gruesomeness and violence. I can't recall if it's more or less violent than the first book; probably around the same. It's a bit much for my taste, but not horridly. Just caution to younger readers. This is definitely for a little older audience. ***SPOILER ALERT*** (Okay, there was the scene where Nym goes to a witch for help (this is shown to be a bad decision in the end), and it's quite a creepy and gross scene. Ick! ***SPOILER ALERT ENDS*** So it might actually have a little more violence/gruesomeness than the first book.)
    Also, Siren's Fury has some dark themes. It's this constant struggle with battling the evil around, and also the call for darkness within. Some of it could be a bit depressing. Nym struggles for most of the book with a critical decision ... should I play with darkness in order to get more power to save someone's life? This book also briefly touches on one of the main themes of Book 1, self-harm.

I wouldn't call this series Christian fiction, but the author, Mary Weber, is a Christian, and I can see some poignant and valuable themes and allegories in her writings. Though dark, I feel a certain light shines through and some touching truth is shown. Like love, compassion, goodness ... triumphs over evil.
     So there's a large amount of dark, and creepy, and violent, and some gruesomeness, but I think these books have a good message underneath. I look forward to seeing what the third and final book reveals!

It was an intriguing sequel. Some crazy things are revealed. Nym's struggle is intense. And Eogan!!! Eek! I like the little boy that Nym comes to know, *smiles*

Overall, I'm still quite fascinated and eager to see what happens next! Siren's Fury is a unique and wild fantasy, with darkness twisting through, and epic battles of good versus evil abounding. And sometimes the battle of right and wrong is fought within oneself. Have the courage to choose true goodness and love!

Can't wait to see how Nym's journey unfolds!

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