Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #2

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian

Audience: Young Adult

**4 stars**

I don't know what to rate this one. First off, who ever knew I could enjoy sci-fi so much? Hehe. Usually I'm not into this genre. But I decided to give Cinder a try, because I had gotten it as a free audiobook. I ended up quite enjoying it. Then I noticed Scarlet at the library ... well ... I just have to see what happens. So I picked it up and was swept up into a wild and fantastic ride!

A science-fiction/dystopian retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Book 2 in THE LUNAR CHRONICLES introduces us to Scarlet, the girl in the red hoodie who has lost her grandma. The authorities say suicide and give up the case. But Scarlet is having none of it. Then she meets the handsome street fighter, who appears gentle and shy, but in some instances, dark and mysterious. Meanwhile, Cinder is locked away in the palace jails ...

So I was loving this book. I enjoy the new character, Scarlet, and was intrigued by her search for her grandma. When I first met the gentle street fighter, I quite adored him. I was excited as Cinder's story continued, and watching that unfold was grand. And Thorne, *grin and shakes head* What a humorous, (slightly arrogant) guy. He cracked me up. As much as his charming, silly self was entertaining, I'm hoping for a deeper story for him! That he'll meet some sweet girl and fall in love, but she'll reject him because of his attitude. Then he will learn to truly love someone more than himself ... ^_^ *Ahem* Or something like that. But anyway. I just loved these characters. Loved! Oh, and even Prince Kai. He's coming around ... I think! I just want to read more and see what happens. Relatable and so fun to journey along with!

Yep. Loving it. The adventure. The mystery. The wild escapades. The humor. The blossoming romances. The astounding revelations being explored. The impossible "Cinderella" love story that still wants to come around! It was all so thrilling. And it had a lot of a dystopian feel too. Even though it's probably more so defined as sci-fi, it had the dystopian feel ... and it was just epic ... and I learned to sort of, kind of, enjoy the metal hands, and wires, and Iko-sort-of-people-that-aren't-really-humans, and the whole Lunar race scenario. Yeah, despite my usual aversion to sci-fi, it was all kind of intriguing.

Then ... about half way to three-fourths through Scarlet. Somewhere around there. Chaos erupts. I should have knew it was coming - there were hints - but I just wasn't quite expecting the violence that ensued. Ghastly violence. I mean, it was like taking some of the ideas touched on in The Hunger Games and bringing them to whole new levels! I was slightly appalled. Okay. Really appalled. Nowhere in Cinder (Book 1) do we see this kind of gruesomeness/violence. So it's a shock. But not only that, it's just not necessary! I mean, really! What's the point of describing such disturbing violence? I know some people like to go to horror movies and get some sort of sickening thrill; but why put some ghastly scenarios in a thrilling, action sci-fi/dystopian geared toward a YA audience? I mean, yes, maybe there needs to be some violence, and some harsh, terrible happenings, but let's not go to far! So caution, peoples! This is a not a book for younger readers. And if you are in any way sensitive, beware! I'm pretty sensitive myself, and I could handle it, but it still bothered me. I'm just like, ick. I don't appreciate the depth of darkness of it at all.

So yeah. That aspect is what has me floundering on what to rate Scarlet. Before I reached that part, I was like, "Yeah, five stars, I think!" And then ... not so much. I gave it four for now, because I did want to rate it five, if not for the extreme yuckiness. Sometimes I feel like I should give it a lower rating. Ah. I don't know. Decide for yourselves. Just beware. *wrinkles nose*

The romance had a few iffy moments. It could be perhaps a bit shallow. I don't know. I hope for renewed and deepening true love for Scarlet and her man in the books to come!! ^_^

Overall, I quite enjoyed this story. It was a thrilling read. And the epic story, along with its grand characters, just pulls you in!! I'm looking forward to reading Cress at some point, and seeing what happens next! Hopefully it won't be as violent as Scarlet ... If it's good, can't wait to read Winter! *smiles* As for Fairest, the novella about evil Queen Levena ... yeah, not gonna read that.

But overall, readers, if you're into sci-fi, (or even if you not, like me, haha, but into dystopian), and epic adventures, unique fairytale retellings, thrilling journeys, and sweet romances ... you might want to give THE LUNAR CHRONICLES by Marissa Meyer a try!


  1. Pretty much agree. Lunar Chronicles has been a four star thing for me too. I'm not in love with the worldbuilding, but it certainly is interesting. All the stuff with the wolf/people things was kind of outside of my taste. Kind of creepy, and quite violent. Even though I like heartbreaking stuff where characters are basically turned into monsters. But Bucky type, not Wolf type. Some of the romance is a bit uncomfortable. Not that there's any more than what's in THG, but it's way too shallow for my taste. It's no Jayrin, that's for sure. Wolf...well, I like him, but he kind of scares me. I wouldn't feel safe around him. Thorne's certainly interesting, sort of a Han Solo type character. Actually, he gets a girl in Cress. It's complicated, though. Honestly, Kai is the only one of the "princes" I truly fully like. And I'm most definitely staying away from Fairest too. The reviews even made me kind of uncomfortable.

    1. Yes, the wolf people was not okay with me. I agree there.

      The romance ... yes. There were a few times that I paused, "Wait, you've known him for only a day and you're already in love?" Nope, not Jayrin, ;)

      Ah, he scared me too! I really liked his personality at first, but then I was like, "Whoa! Yikes ...!" Thorne was funny. Ah! I'm excited for that! :D I like Kai! Can't wait for him to find Cinder again! ^_^

      I know! I'm with you there. No way I'm reading Fairest. :p