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Book Review: To Capture Her Heart + Giveaway

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Title: To Capture Her Heart

Author: Rebecca DeMarino

Series: The Southold Chronicles #2

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**2 stars**

To Capture Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino tells the story of a young Native American widow named Heather Flowers. There’s also bits about a Dutch lieutenant, Dirk Van Buren; and another young man named Benjamin Horton. Plus, we look at life in the Connecticut wilderness through the eyes of Ben’s stepmother, Mary, and a passel of other people, it seems. There’s losses to get through, tensions to deal with, babies to be born, and true loves to find.

I didn’t hate this book—and it wasn’t horrible. But there was something or another about it that just prevented it from drawing me in. (I afraid to say that I did some skimming, eek!) Perhaps it’s because there are so many characters (and quite a few main ones as well), and I haven’t read the first book in the series. Or the way it felt like some things were sort of skipped over, because so much time passed between some chapters or something. Either way, this book just felt “okay” and not much beyond that for me.

But I did notice some glowing reviews, so don’t totally push it off! My taste may be wildly different than yours, and maybe you’ll love To Capture Her Heart! There’s things to like about it, such as the rich historical-ness and some profound faith scenes or sweet romance moments.

Speaking of the romance, there’s a love triangle, just to warn you! And I was slightly shocked out how long it took to resolve!! :O I couldn’t really connect with Heather Flowers and discern what she felt. Do you love the Dutch guy, or your dear friend?? It was just kind of shallow feeling at times. “Love at first sight”. Not real emotionally connecting. OH. And I did not like all the kissing with the guy who didn't marry her in the end!!!

The overall pace of the book was very slow. It was pretty much day-to-day life, with some slightly exciting things happening briefly now and then. (Which I can appreciate that to a certain extent . . .) But then the end, wow! I actually enjoyed the end for the most part, because the pace picked up. But I was just kind of shocked how it all came about. Hmm.

Anyway, again, I didn’t hate the book. I’m sorry if my review makes it seem that way. Once I started skimming, I didn’t mind coming back to To Capture Her Heart. Like I said, it had some richness. But overall, I was expecting a deep and emotional romance, some Native American history and intrigue, danger, forbidden love, and excitement . . . and it just didn’t really play out that way at all. This book has its potential, but just wasn’t for me.

I received a copy of To Capture Her Heart from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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