Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Review: Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin

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Title: Through Waters Deep

Author: Sarah Sundin

Series: Waves of Freedom #1

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**5 stars**

Sarah Sundin’s novels never disappoint! I’ve read two trilogies by her, both set in the WWII time, and Through Waters Deep (set in 1941) still didn’t fail to thrill me! I can’t say enough good things. Just thoroughly intriguing and satisfying. I loved it!

In the first book of this new series, WAVES OF FREEDOM, we meet Mary Stirling, a quiet secretary in the Boston Navy Yard, and Jim Avery, a naval officer. Jim’s had his heart broken by a beautiful, out-going blonde … Mary can’t stand being in the spotlight because of an on-going struggle with fear and shame. And outside their personal crisis, a war is going on that America is still not a part of. But all is about to change.

From beginning to end, I was hooked. I find more and more that I love novels set in the time period around World War II. And Sarah Sundin’s are just so historically rich! I’m always just captivated by the depth, freshness, and vibrancy of her stories. In her last series, we were up in planes, and now we’re on ships with Ensign Jim Avery. It was very interesting to explore this aspect; and also learn about how things were in America before the joined the second world war.

On that note, I loved the mystery entwined through this historical fiction. And how it fit so perfectly with all the strain and feuds because of the war going on overseas. It kept me wondering and guessing. I thought Sarah did a great job with it; and keeping a nice list of suspects, so you couldn’t quite pin the real culprit! Loved Mary’s “Nancy Drew” side, *grins* Such, such fun! Rich history paired with a dangerous, little mystery.

I so, so appreciate the deep themes of Through Waters Deep. So many meaningful messages! The characters are real, with real struggles. They capture your attention and interest, and you really want the best for them! With a beautiful faith aspect, and romance of friendship, loveliness, and depth—this book couldn’t help being on my favorites list! ^_^ But yes, it was just wonderful. I love everything about the faith aspect and romance of Through Waters Deep. It was simply beautiful. Touching. So, so sweet!

All I can think to say now is, I am so very excited for Book 2 in the WAVES OF FREEDOM series! Anchor in the Storm, please release quickly! *wink* I can’t wait to read more by Sarah Sundin. Her stories are incredible; and I think will always be favorites for me!

If you like the history of World War II, and also deep faith themes and a beautiful romance … not to mention, an exciting mystery … you must check out Through Waters Deep. It is not to be missed!

I received a copy of Through Waters Deep from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one, Shantelle! (Didn't read all of your review because I have to polish mine yet.) I thought it was charming and am anticipating Sarah's follow up, which *sniff* isn't due out until spring (or summer?) of next year. Boo.

    1. I did very much enjoy it, Rissi! :) I'm glad you liked it too!! I know! Sad ... we have a bit of a wait!

  2. Thank you so much for the review, Shantelle. I've debated whether or not to read Through Waters Deep since it was released, and you helped me make up my mind. I'm reading it. Historical novels, especially during the turbulence of the 1940s, are interesting. They're so hard to do well, though.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the faith and romance aspects of this novel. Those themes, if done well, are often what make me "fall in love" with a novel, too. If I don't see this book at my local library, I'm definitely going to run the bookstore rounds in order to purchase it.

    Again, thanks for the awesome review!

    1. You're welcome, Abby! Oh, I think Sarah Sundin is the best at WWII novels!! I've never enjoyed any as much as her stories. You should definitely give Through Waters Deep a try! :)

      Yes, those are the best themes!! :D

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

  3. Thank you for the lovely review, Shantelle! I'm glad you enjoyed Jim & Mary's story! And Rissi - yes, summer of 2016 (I don't know which month yet).

    1. You're welcome, Sarah! It was my pleasure, :) I so enjoyed their story, and can't wait to read the stories of their ... friends perhaps?

      Thanks for writing such spectacular books! :)

    2. Yes. Book 2 (Anchor in the Storm) follows Jim's sister, Lillian Avery, and his friend, Arch Vandenberg. Book 3 follows Dan Avery and Mary's friend, Quintessa Beaumont.

    3. Ah, sounds great!! So excited to read their stories!! :) :)