Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review: This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson

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Title: This Fine Life

Author: Eva Marie Everson

Series: Standalone

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**4 stars**

This Fine Life by Eva Marie Everson was a unique story; not quite your average Christian romance. And I loved it for that! Real, bittersweet, tender, raw … it openly displays the struggles, joys, questions, and victories of a young woman trying to find her way in life.

What’s a high-society young lady to do when she falls for the handsome boy who’s considered below her? And will her feelings change when he feels he’s being called into ministry? Walk alongside Mariette as she starts on a life-altering adventure; and finds new things out about herself, her husband’s heart, and God along the way.

So yes. It was just different. And real. I really appreciated this story; it was like looking into the life of a young pastor’s wife, and seeing what it would be like. I imagine pastor’s wives would probably identify and enjoy This Fine Life! Personal and unique.

I connected with Mariette’s struggle. With her questions. She trying, but it’s hard. I was fascinated by the exploration of young love. Of a new pastor and his wife’s day-to-day life. Of a privileged girl trying to fit into a small town. Of a young (perhaps slightly foolish at times) couple sort of growing and learning together. Of Mariette’s journey to finding God.

Some parts of This Fine Life were a tad bit slow. But as it’s not at all a fluffy or “fake” story, I don’t really find that a fault. It’s just kind of real. I really love fantasy, fairytale, and action-packed, highly entertaining novels; but sometimes a story like this just really captures my attention and blesses my heart as well.

I have few complaints. Some romantic moments got a little too heated for my taste. Mostly, I felt it was okay, though a bit blunt at times perhaps. But again, it was real. I appreciated that. It was just some of the moments before the couple got married that were a bit much. ***SPOILER ALERT*** There’s an elopement, and the “love” starts out based a lot on the physical side. Both of those made me a bit uncomfortable. ***SPOILER ALERT ENDS*** But the love did grow and grow into something beautiful!

Overall, it was just a lovely, stirring book. Then end-ish part brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart deeply. It was such a story of real life. I really, really enjoyed it. Sweet, genuine, tender, and memorable.

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