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Book Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

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Title: Cress

Author: Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian

Audience: Young Adult

**4 stars**

Cress, the third book in THE LUNAR CHRONICLES, was a wild ride. Perhaps the most exciting book yet! I keep rating the novels of this series four stars because of the level of violence/gruesomeness ... but I kind of want to rate them more for the other parts! Overall, I've been loving this epic science-fiction/dystopian tale!

In Book Three, we officially meet Cress, whose been living in a satellite for about seven years. Trapped in this peculiar prison, and forced to do high-tech work for Mistress Sybil, loyal to Her Majesty, Queen Levana, Cress dreams of freedom, and heroism, and a certain handsome young captain she’s kept track of through the years.
    But there doesn’t seem to be any chance of escape as she orbits the earth endlessly. As the years tick by, Cress’s blonde hair grows ever longer, and her yearning for life and companionship deeper.
    However, with Cinder, Thorne, Wolf, and Scarlet planning and plotting within Iko’s temporary walls, everything is about to change.

Yay for fairytale retellings! (Even if they’re set in a strange science-fiction, futuristic world! *grins*) This book is a subtle retelling of Rapunzel, which is fun! I liked to see the little similarities to the original. Cress’s long, long hair. Her being trapped in a tower satellite. Thorne being an outlaw and rather full of himself charming. *wink* (This is actually more like the movie Tangled {2010} than the original Rapunzel story!) But anyway, I love fairytale retellings, regardless of what additional genre they’re set in; and I love that THE LUNAR CHRONICLES is a collections of retellings! ^_^

Alright, Cress. I really liked her character; much more than Scarlet and Cinder, I think. There was something entirely loveable about her sweet naivety and vulnerability – her vast knowledge but lack of actual experience on earth … she made me smile and laugh! And when it came down to it, that determination and bravery! What a girl! She had sort of this quiet strength that was really quite admirable. Love her. Loved her story! This was such fun!

Thorne. I went back and forth between wanting to burst out laughing and smacking him. At first, he could be rather insensitive and yes, conceited and selfish. However, he has this charming self, full of mischievous grins, winks, and teasing. And watching his journey to something deeper … it was great! ^_^ I love how Cress affected him. I loved his protectiveness of her. I loved his not wanting to hurt her emotionally (in spite of his past flirtations). I just loved it! <3 So sweet! Charming though he still is, Thorne is taking a turn for the better! So excited to see more of this couple!

Wolf and Scarlet. We didn’t see too much of them together in Cress. I can’t say I liked Wolf so much in this book … he’s having a hard time keeping down the wolf in him. I did see his quiet, nice side a few times, which was pleasant. As for Scarlet … eek! I don’t even know what to say! Can hardly wait for the next book to see how everything works out for these two! O_O

Cinder. I enjoyed seeing more of her, and liked that she was one of the POV characters once again! (There are a lot of POV characters in Cress. Sometimes, it could be slightly annoying/tiring … but mostly, great! *smiles*) PRINCE KAI!!! I love the ending and just - *huggles book*

And WINTER!!!! Oh my, I am so, so very excited to read Winter and see more of this fascinating girl! I believe she’s “Snow ”, and she has me oh so intrigued! Can’t wait for her story! ^_^

Okay. What else to say? This is a huge book … that I flew through in like two days. Um. (Sick days, you know). Anyway, it’s brilliant, for the most part! ^_^ Action and adventure, danger and drama, secrets, rebellion, and young love! Though a whole 550 pages, it’s thrilling from nearly beginning to end. I loved all our heroes and heroines interacting and plotting against the evil Queen Levana. I loved Thorne and Cress’s little journey together! I loved watching Thorne reevaluate his actions … learn to deeply care for someone other than himself … become a better man. The heart-pounding fighting scenes. That Cinder actually had a heart and conscience and was worried about becoming like Levana. The intrigue and mystery in the land of Luna (the moon). Just, everything. This is such an intense, fascinating, deep, and twisting tale! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really enjoyed all the weird, complex, futuristic science-fiction stuff (and I’m even coming to understand sci-fi more! Haha). So enjoyed all the secrets being unearthed and mysteries at last revealed! And going to the ball … ^_^ And Iko’s surprise from Thorne; so sweet, by the way! Maybe he didn’t mean it the way I perceived, but my heart kind of melted in that moment. And just Cress-and-Thorne-interactions. Love them! *grins and hugs them*

On a down note, there still is quite a bit of violence/gruesomeness. Not as much as Scarlet, I don’t think, but quite enough! Most of those Lunar people are quite mad, I must say! O_O I would stay far away from them for the most part! Or until Princess Selene/Cinder takes her rightful place as queen!
    Also, Cress’s romantic imaginings made me uncomfortable. I would say that’s not the most healthy or pure thought life. It didn’t focus a lot of that, but there were a few mentions here and there that bothered me.

My overall thought? A grand, mysterious, thrilling story! This series makes me fangirl now and again, and I can hardly wait to dive into Winter!

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