Friday, January 8, 2016

Book Review: The Westward Christmas Brides Collection

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Title: The Westward Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Historical Romances Answer the Call of the American West

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter; Susan Page Davis; Melanie Dobson; Cathy Liggett; Vickie McDonough; Olivia Newport; Janet Spaeth; Jennifer Rogers Spinola; & MaryLu Tyndall

Series: Barbour Christmas Collections

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**4.5 stars**

I quite loved this collection!! And it was so fun to read during the Christmas season! 4.5 stars to this lovely passel of novellas; I was surprised and delighted again and again by the sweetness, poignancy, endearing, and depth of these short stories. What admirable tales of faith!

I must confess, the first one, by Wanda E. Brunstetter, wasn't a favorite. I would probably give it about 2.5 stars on its own. It was interesting enough, and I liked the journaling part; but it seemed the author was trying too hard to leave us in suspense over which young man the lady of the story would choose ... and though these are romances, there was zero romance. Like no interaction between the man and woman who ended up together at all! I was rather shocked when she declared her love ... I had no idea whatsoever! So yes, it just wasn't a favorite for me.

However, the rest were quite cute and fun and exciting! And heart-touching! I really enjoyed all of them; but I think The Christmas Bread was my favorite. Not your typical Christmas story, but oh so powerful! It was a very beautiful story of trial, love, and faith. God is so good and faithful! ^_^

It was wonderful to see men and women in each story with strong faith, and who weren't ashamed to talk about, or call on the name of their God.

Most of the stories' romances would be for perhaps a Janette Oke audience; but there was one or two containing a little more mature romance themes and content.

Some stories were all sweetness, some had danger and intrigue, others hardship that produced the deepest of joy. The Westward Christmas Brides Collection is a memorable Christmas collection, and I'm quite pleased to have it on my bookshelf!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to read this one! I got it recently on an after-Christmas sale, and I'm quite looking forward to it. :)

    Thanks for the review, Shantelle!

    1. Yay! I hope you enjoy it, Faith!! :) And you're welcome!