Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review: Dancing in the Rain

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Title: Dancing in the Rain

Author: Monica Eldridge

Series: Standalone

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult


After the unfortunate death of her father, Bella Westbrook leaves home against her will to support her mother and crippled sister. Bella soon finds herself awestruck with the magnificence of Biltmore Estate, a castle nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 

Darby Pierson, a forestry scholar at Biltmore Forest School, learns that his position as class president may be in jeopardy because of his limp. Once he discovers Bella's desire to see the handicapped recover, he meets her faithfully on the terrace for therapy. 

More than just a healing takes place. Bella finds the walls of heart breaking down and Darby's uneven gait is now smooth, but the rain has just begun. Darby's dream becomes reality when he is offered a position as a forester in Pennsylvania. 

Is their love for one another strong enough to withstand the storm they face? Will they dance in the rain in the midst of their storm?

**4 stars**

Dancing in the Rain by Monica Eldridge really was a sweet, poignant story. I quite enjoyed it.

Bella Westbrooke is a young woman working as a maid at the Biltmore House in order to provide for her widowed mother and her crippled younger sister, Ashlynn. As she faces trials and hardships anew, she wonders, how does a broken heart dance in the rain?

This book told a lovely tale. I found the theme of Dancing in the Rain to be a touching one. I felt it keenly; of surrendering, trusting, and letting oneself be healed. Beautiful. I also loved the funny (cute) parallels, like the heart charm! You'll understand when you read it. ^_^

Bella was a good character. At times she was hard to understand … a little frustrating; but for the most part I followed her story with interest, sympathy, and hope for her.
     Darby was a very nice young man. *smiles* I liked him, and it was lovely to watch his tale unfold also.

     Sophia, Ashlynn, Uncle Morten, and the rest of the secondary characters added a pleasant depth to the story. They were all interesting.

I might mention that Dancing in the Rain could have possibly used more editing. I noticed a sentence here and there that seemed to be missing a word and such. In any case, it wasn’t a huge deal in Dancing in the Rain. It just made me pause now and again.

There wasn’t any violence in this book. Perhaps an intense/frightening scene or so. I felt that a couple uses of God’s name were a bit careless; but maybe that’s just how I personally perceived it. The romance of Dancing the in Rain was lovely, touching, deep. Though there were a few “heated scenes” as their relationship progressed. Mostly toward the end of the book. Overall, I felt the romance worked out quite beautifully! *smiles* But it would call for a more mature audience, perhaps 16/17 and up.

The parts about The Light were perfect. LOVE! It’s wonderful when novels have a poignant, spiritual aspect such as Dancing in the Rain had! Just beautiful. It touched my heart.

It was fun to see Bella working at the Biltmore House and how that all ensued. I love books about maids at fancy estates and the like. True … there wasn’t a huge amount of “downstairs doings” all in all; but enough, along with some servants’ dances and serving honored guests.

Darby’s whole study and work with trees wasn’t my favorite aspect of this book. But it wasn’t bad … interesting enough I suppose. I would have rather “mother nature” not be used though. That term just makes me want to make a face for some reason, haha!

All in all, Dancing in the Rain was an interesting and charming story. And the ending! How lovely. I was a bit envious as I read the warm, happy scene! *winks and smiles* It was so good to see this tale conclude in such a sweet, satisfactory way. As well as with a hint of what’s to come! Maybe not such good things for some characters … Anyway, so excited to read the next book in this series!

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