Saturday, March 28, 2015

Movie Review: The Young Victoria

My Review (4.5 stars):
     Ah. What an impressive telling of Queen Victoria’s story. The Young Victoria (2009) was engaging; both historically and romantically.
     What would it be like to be an overprotected young woman next in line to inherit the throne? It was so interesting to learn about the details of Victoria’s life, both as a princess and a queen. The social happenings, politics, and every day doings of royal life were intriguing for certain. I loved learning about it all, and seeing the different gowns and hairstyles they had in that period. So, so fun! The history behind this movie was very nice.
[Pretty yellow gown]
     I sympathized very much with Victoria (Emily Blunt). She did frustrate me sometimes, but I understood. For the most part, I felt her pain. The feeling of betrayal. The rebellion. The bitterness. Her life had its difficulties. Of being coddled and smothered, even into adulthood. Pestered. Prodded. Watched. I love how Prince Albert (Rupert Friend) helped her with that! *smiles*
[Emily Blunt as Princess Victoria]
     On the subject of that particular prince…what a nice young man he was! Although I believe I watched a movie with Rupert Friend as the unscrupulous one (Pride and Prejudice (2005) perhaps…?), I very much liked him as Prince Albert. He was compassionate, understanding, and just…different from everybody else. He didn’t want to control Victoria. He wanted to be her partner. Help her. Be there for her.
[Rupert Friend as Prince Albert]
["I should find one to play it with you, not for you."]
     There was a bit of violence/intense scenes including rocks smashing windows and guns going off. One scene had blood and was pretty emotional.
     As for romance, there’s kisses scattered throughout the film; all after the wedding actually. There was one or two scenes between a married couple that might call for a slightly older audience. Just insinuations mostly. Read this review for more detail:
     Oh, and I would mention that this movie ended on a happy note, though some later happenings were mentioned in the conclusion.
     All in all, The Young Victoria (2009) was just a fascinating, lovely historical film. I enjoyed every moment of it! The learning experience. The emotion. The love story. Completely recommend to all those who enjoy learning about history and royals!
[Queen Victoria]

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