Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Review: A Captain's Heart by Molly Evangeline

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Title: A Captain's Heart

Author: Molly Evangeline

Series: Pirates & Faith #3

Genre: Historical

Audience: Young Adult

**3 stars**

A Captain’s Heart wasn’t my favorite out of the Pirates & Faith series, but it was sweetly touching overall. There’s just something about Molly Evangeline’s novels. I started and put down book after book until I got to A Captain’s Heart … it just drew me in. I don’t know; there’s something I like about her writing style. *smiles*

Now that the real adventurous parts of Will and Skye’s stories have been told, we meet a new character in the third book of this series. Kyle Bryden. He’s a godly young captain with a one sweet sister in the whole of his ruthlessly selfish family. This novel takes us on his journey of frustration, fear, tender moments, and terrifying escapades. And along the way, he may just meet up with a lovely young woman …

While different than the first two books as we’re focusing on a new set of characters (though the old ones do make appearances), we still have pirates, sea-faring adventures, and sweet love stories. I felt this book didn’t have as much action perhaps as the previous ones, but it still was a nicely-rounded story overall.

The faith theme was deep and touching, unlike a lot of books these days it seems. I probably already mentioned before, but Molly Evangeline is very good about teaching meaningful lessons and really having her characters show their statuses as Christians through their godly actions. They seek God. They surrender to Him. They love Him. That’s truly awesome to see in fiction!

It was fun to meet the new array of characters. I really felt for Kyle in his tough family situation! It was so real and excruciating. I was happy to see that all work out nicely and emotionally. Elizabeth and Travis were cute. I liked their secondary story. Mariah was sweet as well. It was good to see Will and Skye so happy! Eep! And meet with Captain Daniel again a few times. Louise was infuriating! Grr! As were Kyle and Elizabeth’s family time and again. All in all, I felt the emotion and tension quite vividly. Well-done characters.

The story was its own overall, yet did bear quite a few similarities to the first two stories. I wouldn’t call it exactly a bad thing; but for me, I think it just makes me like the first book the best.

A few sweet kisses. Some slightly more intense scenes than the previous books. I would say perhaps twelve and up. My young sister loved the first book of the PIRATES & FAITH series, so I imagine she will continue to enjoy the rest, including this one!

Cute story. I was happy with how everything worked out. I’m excited to read the next (last) book in this series … Emma James’s story!

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