Friday, March 20, 2015

Updates, 777 Writing Challenge, and Book Covers, :-)

     So I know I've been doing blog posts a lot lately... like, a lot... and you're probably getting sick of it. But, just bear with me here! :-)

     First off, I updated my Movie Reviews tab. Just wanted to let you know. I now have it organized according to genre. And I did update some of my reviews as well; namely The Hunger Games (2012) and Catching Fire (2013). So check it out if you'd like! I have a new review up for another fairytale film too!

     Speaking of The Hunger Games trilogy, I just recently watched Mockingjay: Part I (2014) with my brother. (Read my review HERE). Whew! Talk about heart-shattering!! If you ever need to discuss that movie, I'm here! I lament about the tragedies of it like every day, and my family just looks kind of weird at me. Lol. But anyway, I've decided to read the books so I know what to expect in the last movie! And I want to get some in-depth reviews out for the books of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

     Well, I'll have to get over to my library some day and borrow the series. As for right now, I'm reading a lovely book called The Creole Princess by Beth White.
     What a stunning cover, don't you think?? It's even better when you're holding it in your hands. :-) The pink color is gorgeous!

     And just for some more gorgeousness, here's some stunning book covers I've come across recently...
FrostFire by Amanda Hocking

The Ultimatum Bride by Leah Atwood

Lightning by Bonnie S. Calhoun

Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund

Of the Coldblooded by Angie Brashear

Out of Darkness Rising by Gillian Bronte Adams

Queen by R.J. Larson

The Door by Lorilyn Roberts

The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz

The Wood's Edge by Lori Benton

To Get to You by Joanne Bischof

     Aren't those amazing? Do you have any on your to-read shelf?

     Alright. Now for the 777 Writing Challenge that I mentioned in my post's title! :-) I was tagged by Claire Banschbach to be part of this challenge. Here are the rules as explained from her blog:

     The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

     So here goes! I believe I'll share from Diamond Dark. Hopefully its something halfways decent...

     They all stood before her in a straight, stiff line. She looked into their emotionless eyes and felt as if she were falling into an emptiness that was all too hopeless.
     Ariana jerked herself back to reality and clapped her hands sharply, ignoring Mirabelle’s soft inquiry. “Attention,” she began. “I am Diamond, you know Ruby, and we shall start the day as usual.”
     Without meeting the eyes of the twelve to sixteen-year-olds again, she turned and led the way to the back corner of the massive chamber dedicated to teaching King Black’s workers.
     There blazed across the stone wall, was a horrific scene.
(From Diamond Dark by Shantelle Mary H.)

     I will probably be getting a review of The Young Victoria (2009) on here soon. And hopefully some more healthy recipes. I have one in particular that I've been using a lot! It's so quick and yummy and healthy. :-) Anyway. Doing a blog tour post with Claire Banschbach on the 27th, so be looking for that!

     Writing... I've been very bad about. Someday I shall get back into Diamond Dark. I've been editing and working on a cover for A Dream Not Imagined meanwhile, my Cinderella retelling, short story. I want to publish it through sometime soon here! Silver Rose is still being edited by my lovely blogger friend. She's doing an amazing job!! So happy to see my first full-length novel looking so beautiful! :-) *Happy author sigh*

     Um... how's everyone holding up? Hopefully spring is coming your way. I thought it was here where I live, but alas, our sunny, warm days have vanished into cool air again. Soon. I want to lay outside and read a book. :-)

     That's all I have for now. Would love to hear your thoughts though. How's your week been going? Writing? Reading? What do you think about The Hunger Games books and movies? Are you excited for Mockingjay: Part II (2015)? Meep!


  1. I've seen the first two Hunger Games movies because my brother dragged me to see them. XD But I wouldn't let him take me to Mockingjay 1 because for one thing it's going to cliff hanger and for another I have a vague suspicion that characters I like die and I don't want to. D: I haven't read the books though. First-person/present-tense is really hard for me to read in books. :P Anyways you have my condolences for the movie! *huggles*

    EEEP! What pretty covers!! :D Out of Darkness Rising is on my TBR... (In fact it's on its way to me in the mail!! I'm so excited aaaaaahhhh! :D *twirls*)

    Oh my goodness. O_O DAT SNIPPET. :O I am now so intrigued/freaked out about Diamond Dark! In a good way. ;) Wow, what a fascinating/scary glimpse! I'm interested. >:D (And suddenly remembering some young ladies going by in King Black's halls in the first one... I SUDDENLY SENSE MEANING BEHIND THIS. AAAHH. :D)

    Yay for editing/cover for A Dream Not Imagined! Last I was having fun making a mock "cover" for my Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling that I haven't written yet... Covers are so FUN! :D

    My week? It's been so crazy busy! o.o I've hardly been able to edit lately, but I'm getting back into it and it's coming along, ish. Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth! Silly life doesn't seem to understand. :-/ Hopefully I will email you back soon! <3

    Meh, I WISH it was spring. :-/ I mean, technically it IS, now, but it's sooo rainy. Which I'm not going to complain about because we never get much rain in Texas so we're always grateful for it, but still. ;) I'd like me some warm weather!

    1. Ah yes. :-) I watched them because I kept hearing how good they were! You are probably quite wise for waiting to watch Mockingjay: Part I... as you might have noticed, I was a bit traumatized by it! Ha! I've been having the same suspicions! Eek! Thanks for the condolences! *hugs back* :-)

      I agree that first-person/presence tense is hard to read! I get used of it sometimes. Other times... not so much. *Shrugs*

      Yay, that is exciting!! I must read Out of Darkness Rising sometime soon here. I confess, I want it on my bookshelf just for the spectacular cover! :-)

      Yes! I'm glad you made the connection there, :-D Thank you... I hope Diamond Dark as a whole will be as intriguing as you found the snippet! :-)

      My first thought was to tag you in the 777 Writing Challenge, but then I saw that Claire Banschbach already had! Are you going to do it... maybe? :-)

      Covers ARE fun!! A bit complicated, but fun. I'm still meaning to try out pixlr! I just forgot because our internet wasn't working. :-( Twelve Dancing Princesses! That would be lovely. You must write it! :-)

      That's perfectly fine! I suspected you must have hit a busy spell, :-) Yeah, life has its own ideas... Well, whenever you get the time! Always love your emails, Deborah! :-) :-)

      Ugh yes, I know how you feel! I'm lamenting about the wind over here. A gentle warm breeze is okay, but no more chill, whipping winds! Summer, I miss you so much!!!!

      Thanks for commenting!! As always, lovely to hear your thoughts! :-)

  2. So excited to see Out of Darkness Rising on this list next to so many other gorgeous covers! Thanks for sharing it.

    *shudder* what an intriguing, slightly creepy snippet from Diamond Dark! Now I'm worried about all those young 12-16 year olds ...

    1. Your welcome, Gillian. It's definitely on my excited-to-read list! :-)

      Aw, you guys honor me with your thoughts on Diamond Dark! I'm glad it piqued your interest! Yep, it's supposed to have a dark, creepy air... for now...

      Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

  3. Out of Darkness Rising and Frostfire are two that are high on my list!!

    I love your lines ... very intriguing!

    Thanks for tagging me! I did my 7 lines in this post:

    1. They both have beautiful and captivating covers!!

      Thank you!! I'm rather inspired to work some more on Diamond Dark now, :-)

      Your welcome, Ashlee! I'll have to check it out; thanks for the link!