Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review: The Brickmaker's Bride by Judith Miller

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Title: The Brickmaker's Bride

Author: Judith Miller

Series: Refined by Love #1

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**3 stars**

The Brickmaker's Bride by Judith Miller didn't make a favorite for me, hence the lower rating.

Following a determined woman and her widowed mother, and a kind Irishman, this book takes us on a journey involving brick-making, infuriating suitors, society trouble, and a past tragic accident revealed. It starts sometime after the Civil War has ended, and Laura Woodfield is trying to save her father's brickyard, even if she can't own it herself.

It's not that I really disliked this book. I just had a very hard time getting into the story. *sigh* ( ... Perhaps I was just being irritable and longing for a fantasy.) Well, whether that was the case or not, I do believe The Brickmaker's Bride does have a more slow beginning. I also had a difficult time connecting with some of the characters. Mrs. Woodfield, for one, I could not figure out. She acted as though she prayed quite sincerely and relied on God; and yet she was trying to push her daughter into an unwanted (and entirely unsuitable, for a Christian!) marriage. I had a hard to reconciling myself with that. But I suppose she had a stubborn, controlling nature, and was a bit set in her ways. She still did many good things in the story, but yes, was a bit stiff, proper, and unthinking on some matters.
I liked Ewan McKay. *smiles* He had a strong faith and a determination to do right; even if he did cower under his uncle's power now and then. I just admired him for the most part. Steady, faithful, good-hearted man.
After awhile, I came to like Laura Woodfield more and more too. So that was relief for me. She turned out to be a lovely character as well.

The brickmaking parts actually were interesting, and I enjoyed it all for the most part. But some scenes did drag on a bit. Perhaps it could have focused on the romance rather than saving the brickyard just a tad bit more. That being said, I felt the end was a bit hurried/some things were left unresolved.

Speaking of romance, The Brickmaker's Bride includes a few kisses and some brief talk of an indiscretion. And there's no violence to speak of. Though written for more adults I believe, I think this book would be okay for teen readers even.

For the most part, after I got some chapters past the middle of the book, I came to quite enjoy it. I appreciated the faith themes, the different characters' life stories, and just the honest feel of the story. The Brickmaker's Bride wasn't the best ever read for me, but it was a nice historical romance and I enjoyed it/loved the end. *smiles*

I received a free copy of The Brickmaker's Bride as a result of the goodreads giveaways, and chose to write an honest review for it!

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