Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review: King's Warrior by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

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Title: King's Warrior

Author: Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Series: The Minstrel's Song #1

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Teen

**3.5 stars**

There was something about the unique cover of King’s Warrior that captivated me. It looked like it would lead me into an intriguing fantasy world. Well, it did, *smiles*

In the story, Princess Kamarie and her parents, King Arnaud and Queen Zara, Squire Oraeyn, a young loner named Zole, and a mysterious man called Brant are the main characters. We go from one to another as this tale of battles, dragons, Dark Warriors, and powerful swords unfolds. They all face trials, troubles, and victories along the way.

I was quite caught up into the story almost as soon as I started reading. The fantasy world was epic … of all sorts of mystery and mystical creatures. Dragons, wood nymphs, griffons, wizardesses, and the like. I would mention some more … except you might like to come across their appearances unexpectedly. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted! I love fantasy, and I also love when it has a fae twist. So yes, the strain of fantasy that King’s Warrior had was ever so much fun! *smiles*

I just have to say … I love the name of Kamarie, so pretty! ^_^ The girl herself was a bit more complicated to decide one’s thoughts of. She was young, headstrong, and immature at many points. But that made her real, I suppose. And she did grow and learn throughout her journeys. All the characters were interesting. The humorous minstrel … I’m captivated … what is it about him? What is his importance? The wizardess sisters! They definitely added a great element to the story! Oraeyn was an especially interesting guy; I liked him a lot and hope to see him again!! I want to know more of his story!

That said, I would like more of a lot of things. Like I mentioned, the fantasy world was diverse and beautiful. But I felt I just didn’t get enough of it! I wanted to see more, to know more, to explore more of the fantastical creatures and all that. Some were just briefly mentioned, and that’s all; so I’m left desperately hoping that Book Two will go more into their lives! And though a powerful, albeit, sad story concluded in the end, I was still left with questions and wonderings …

So yeah. King’s Warrior fell a little flat for me as I progressed far into the story. Probably mostly because of what I mentioned above. The story could feel just a little stretched on. But this is not a huge deal, (and it definitely might not feel like that for all); and I would still totally recommend giving this novel a try! Especially when there’s the promise of a sequel awaiting, *smiles*

There was no Christian allegory that I could see in King’s Warrior. I suppose it had similarities to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Except, no deep evil that I noticed either. There was some violence, mostly alluded to. No graphic scenes that I remember. Nothing as for romance, except maybe hints of future attractions. I didn’t feel the magic aspect went overboard at all. It was just more simple, intriguing, and fun. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with anything in King’s Warrior. For ages 12 and up probably, or perhaps even younger. Also, you might quite enjoy it if you're a bit older than that too; I did! *winks*

So what else can I say? I was a bit disappointed that this book didn’t make my favorites list for some reason or another ... But for the most part, I look back at the story with satisfaction and a smile; and I really am quite excited to read Second Son and learn more of this enthralling fantasy world and its characters.

King’s Warrior has so much potential and so many little mysteries and wonders and promising details woven throughout it. I just hope it’s all explored in the next book … or a third. I’m left wondering and waiting ... *smiles*


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have had my eye on this one, but hadn't seen any reviews of it yet!

  2. Dragons, wood nymphs, griffons, wizardesses... sounds wonderful! Too bad it fell a little flat overall. I still might have to check it out, though!

    1. Yes, do! You might like it better than I, you never know! :-) And I'm hoping Second Son will explore things more... So I would say it has a lot of potential!

  3. I have this and the sequel and can't wait to read them. :) Ooh, that list of fantastical creatures sounds awesome! :D And Kamarie is a nice name, yes! Reminds me of Karalee... (Though Karalee is prettier, in my opinion. ;) Though perhaps Kamarie isn't quite as beautiful to me because it has "Marie" in it, which is my middle name. XD)

    Some books do fall a little flat, which is too bad... Most of the ones I've been reading this year seem to be doing that. :-/ Mostly with the endings, it seems. Endings can just make or break a novel, y'know? I've read like 17 books this year and only two or three of them had good endings... Silver Rose being one of those. ;) I think I need to somehow find some good-ending books before I fall into a reading rut! :(

    Nice review, though! I hope you'll like the next one. :)

    1. Yes, it made me think of Karalee too! I probably like Karalee better as well, because, well... I just do! :-) Not that I mind Marie either, ;-) My middle name is Mary ...(as you may have noticed from twitter or my blog url).

      That's great! I hope you enjoy both of them! Yes, the fantasy creatures were awesome! So much fun!

      Oh dear, I've been having the same problem! Yeah, I know what you mean! I've been like, "Hmm... it feels like its been a long time since I read a book that I REALLY liked..." Maybe try Of the Persecuted, that one had a pretty good ending! :-) Aw, thank you so much for saying that!!! Makes my day!!! I'm so glad Silver Rose was one of your good reads this year! <3 :-)

      Thanks! Me too!