Friday, January 25, 2019

Book Review: Unbreakable by Sara Ella

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Title: Unbreakable

Author: Sara Ella

Series: Unblemished #3

Genre: Fairy Tale/Contemporary

Audience: Young Adult


Eliyana Ember is stranded in a foreign country in the Third Reflection with no passport, the inability to mirrorwalk, and zero clue where the nearest Thresholds back into the Fourth or Second might lie. Her mind is a haze, her memories vague. She knows a wormhole from the Fourth sent her here. She remembers her mom and baby brother Evan. Makai and Stormy and Joshua ...

Deep down El realizes she must end the Void once and for all. Is there a way to trap the darkness within its current vessel, kill it off completely? To do so would mean sacrificing another soul—the soul of a man Joshua claims is a traitor. But he’s lied to her before, and even El senses Joshua can’t be fully trusted, but one thing is certain ...

The Void must be annihilated. And only the Verity—the light which birthed the darkness—can put an end to that which seeks to kill and destroy.


I finally finished this book! Unfortunately, this third and final book in the UNBLEMISHED series by Sara Ella was not a worthwhile read for me. Unbreakable was confusing, unsatisfying, and just seemed to drag on with nothing important happening.

The first two books, Unblemished and Unraveling, were very intriguing and caught my attention for sure. They are a mix of fairy tale and fantasy, with a lot of original content. I did have a few issues with them ... namely the love triangle and a scene or two that I deemed inappropriate. And the whole Void vs. Verity aspect, which I wasn't sure where it was headed.

So, in Unbreakable, the romance(s) and some relationships that were central in the previous two books were nearly non-existent. Eliyana was separated from her true love for nearly the entire book ... and considering all they have gone through from the first, the conclusion of this series was not at all satisfactory when it came to the romance.

The characters and plot seemed to wander around for the entirety of the book. The ending had some exciting scenes. But overall, I felt disconnected. Like I wasn't in the story anymore. It feel flat. It took me maybe a month to finish this book - I had to put it down at one point, and then finally just picked it up again and half-skimmed the rest of the book.

Even if it had been more interesting, I feel like the conclusion of this series confirmed that it's not something I, personally, like to read. I thought there was a bit of a Christian allegory with the Verity vs. Void (light vs. darkness) theme ... but it ended up being so confusing and twisted that by the end of Unbreakable that I was more confused than ever about who and what was good and who and what was bad.

The theme really seemed to be about self-love and how if a really bad person is loved, they might magically become good. And about us choosing to be good of our own strength and will. But the truth is, human love can't fix things. It can help, but ultimately, it is the sacrificial, immortal love of Christ that truly changes. We cannot choose goodness and light apart from Him.

So, maybe that's not how the author wanted her message to come across. But, if I'm understanding correctly that she's a Christian, the themes of her books just rubbed me a little wrong. That is my personally, honest opinion. Someone else might feel differently!

This series has a lot of promise, but it didn't end up being for me. I'm sorry to write a negative review.

I received a copy of Unbreakable from BookLook Bloggers Review Program in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. I'm not big into fantasy, so I probably won't be reading this one anyway...

    1. You're welcome, Brooklyne. I hope it was helpful! :) I like a lot of fantasy, but this one wasn't for me.

  2. It's a shame it wasn't as good as the other in the series.