Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Review: Promised to Me by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Title: Promised to Me

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

Series: Coming to America #4

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**3 stars**

Promised to Me is book four in the COMING TO AMERICA series. I believe all the books are about some sort of mail-ordered-bride or another. Promised to Me told the story of a young man and woman in love who separated for a time because of the man’s desire to make a life for them in America. He promised that he’d send for her. He never did. Years later, Jakob Hirsch writes his once-beloved, asking if she will join him in America at long last to be his bride. Karola Breit decides to, even after “hating” Jakob for what he did to her. That hate is suddenly renewed when she arrives in Shadow Creek, Idaho and finds Jakob a widower with three children.

This was a poignant, heart-felt tale, with spiritual growth and a sweet, albeit rough at times, love story. I loved the way Robin Lee Hatcher wove faith and struggles and God’s wisdom through Promised to Me. I like growing with Karola, and watching her leave selfish childhood behind to become a mature, God-honoring woman. So an endearing, thoughtful story overall.

Some part felt a little rushed … or a little drawn out. Karola going from deep dislike, to “I’m in love again” so fast was a little disconcerting. But it worked out, and felt nicely concluded in the end.

I enjoyed this book. –Thinking about reading the three books that came before it that I happened to have skipped!

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