Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Review: Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally

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Title: Before You Meet Prince Charming

Author: Sarah Mally

Genre: Christian Living/Self-Help

Audience: Teen - Young Adult

**4 stars**

Before You Meet Prince Charming is a fresh, poignant look at romance, marriage, and waiting for Prince Charming. Rather than laying out the rules (though this is done somewhat), Sarah encourages girls to go as far as they can to remain pure for their future husbands, rather than going as far as they can without losing their purity. This book is also enveloped in faith; and Sarah points out that getting married is not the goal; rather, growing closer to God is! *smiles* Marriage is a gift in life, not the goal in life. So yes, this book is just refreshing to fading convictions or people wondering if waiting is worth it. For the most part, it was a lovely and encouraging read.

As with most self-help/devotional books, I didn’t find myself agreeing with absolutely everything in this book. But nothing was overtly against my beliefs or anything like that. So, while I didn’t totally agree with everything, you can very much see Sarah Mally’s heart for God and for pure and godly marriages and romances! It is touching.

Before You Meet Prince Charming is written for rather a wide variety of ages. There's nothing explicit or graphic, so this book would be appropriate for younger girls. There’s a sweet, ongoing story about a princess at the beginning of each chapter that would be especially appealing to younger girls. But it is also a book that can be helpful and thought-provoking for older girls and young women as well. All ages, perhaps! *smiles* It’s a thoughtful read.

I am happy to have found this book! Before You Meet Prince Charming is a shining instruction manual in a world of romances gone wrong!

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