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Book Review: The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

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Title: The Word Changers

Author: Ashlee Willis

Series: "Standalone Novel"

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult


Escaping from the turmoil of her home, fifteen-year-old Posy finds herself at her usual haunt ... the library. When she chooses an unfamiliar book from the shelf, she does not devour its words as she usually does...

Its words devour her.

Posy is pulled into the pages of a fairy tale in turmoil. Characters whisper of rebellion against their Plot. And Posy must find a lost princess whose role in the story is crucial, before her own role in the book comes to a horrible end.

With the haughty Prince Kyran as a reluctant companion, Posy ventures past the Borders of the Plot, into the depths of the treacherous Wild Land forest that lie beyond. Secrets are buried there, dangerous and deadly.

Yet the darkest secret of all is the one Posy carries within herself.

Soon it's clear that finding the lost princess is the least of Posy's concerns. The Author of the book must be found. His Plot must be put to rights again, his characters reminded of who they were first created to be. Only then will the True Story be written, both for Posy, and for the tale she has now become a part of.

**4 stars**

The Word Changers was totally unusual … Ashlee Willis’s ideas are superb! From the very first page I was hooked! And once I switched from Kindle to paperback, I read the book almost straight through.

Mysterious and delightful, The Word Changers pulled me into a book inside a book. Posy is a fifteen-year-old girl struggling with the pain of life and the hurt inside her own family. She stumbles into a grand adventure while at the town library and well, finds a path to love and forgiveness, among other things.

This book was humorous, sweet, and pretty action-packed, with some poignant themes. It kept me guessing … who was on the right side and who on the wrong? It was magical … surprising. You just didn’t know what was going to happen next. I really want to mention some parts I found delightful, but I think I’ll rather let it be a surprise for you! *smiles*

The Word Changers is rather for a more mature audience. –Since there’s definitely a romance going on … and some scenes that could be frightening for some people. So I would say at least 13; this book seems directed toward teens.

Posy, at only fifteen, seemed a little young for the depth of the romance she had with a young man in the book. But, I remind myself that I know of some beautiful love stories that started that young, so I’ll say no more on this subject! *smiles*

So … I didn't feel that The Word Changers had an overall Christian allegory; comparing it to books from authors like C.S. Lewis, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, or Molly Evangeline/Jaye L. Knight. However, it did have some allegorical themes that I found especially neat. But yeah, though it did speak of the characters of the book forgetting their author and the author giving them a free choice - which parallels to things we see in our faith - I don't feel that the Author in the book represented God as Aslan represents God in Narnia. That was just how I took it. The Author in the form of a swan seemed ... angry/in turmoil. I'm not sure what Ashlee Willis had in mind with this allegory, *shrugs*, but that's just what I came away with. I really like a strong Christian-allegory theme, but The Word Changers was still a fun, thought-provoking, and mystical fantasy. I did really enjoy the allegorical part as well, besides being a bit confused at points as I alluded to above.

The one thing I have to mention that I didn’t like was the end. A sequel please, Ashlee!! *grins* I want to read more of these lovely characters—I felt a little bit like I was left hanging. And Kyran; what of Kyran and Evanthe?? Are we never to see them again? *sniff*

To sum this review up, The Word Changers was a really creative, fun, scary, thought-provoking, and tender story. I don’t think it will be soon forgotten!

I received a copy of The Word Changers from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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