Friday, June 6, 2014

Writing a retelling...

     I was just thinking about how lovely it is that Anne Elisabeth Stengl is doing these fairytale retelling writing contests. It’s such a fun experience and an amazing could-be opportunity. Plus, it spurs me on to write another story! Something I love to do! :)
     I just started my retelling of Beauty and the Beast today, and I can hardly stop writing! I’ve  been kind of having writer’s block with Silver Rose, so this retelling is just a fresh, new opportunity to keep me writing. So yeah, opening up my convinient, thick notebook (which I happened to have got for a graduation gift!), and starting to write a story based on the exquisite fairytale of Beauty and the Beast has stirred my writerly joy!


     Don’t these covers look beautiful together? I wonder whose names will be on Five Enchanted Roses…? :D :) And what fairytale will the NEXT writing contest be about? I personally wouldn’t mind if it was on The Little Mermaid, because mermaid tales intrigue me, and I would love an excuse to write one! Not to mention, Ariel is a lovely name! Do you have any thoughts to share…?

     Oh, anyone read a good book lately? I'm reading Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher and The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis. I'm enjoying both... but The Word Changers has me particularly intrigued! It's fantasy... why wouldn't it? :)
     Anyway, there’s my little entry for the day. Happy writing, everyone!!!


  1. I LOVE the cover for the B&B one!!! :D IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T AHHH <3

    I'm not good at writing for contests and I've already got a billion things to write, but I wish you luck on your retelling! :) That's so awesome... I'm glad you're excited about it! ^_^

    Ah, The Word Changers. <3 I've been reading some fantasy short stories by Patricia C. Wrede. Have you read her Enchanted Forest books? I've read the first two and they're STUPENDOUS. :)

    1. Oh yes, its gorgeous! Just makes your mind start spinning with a perfect story to fit... :) Not that I found a perfect story to fit, but I'm doing my best! :D
      Thank you! My retelling has been going pretty good so far.
      I haven't, but Enchanted Forest sounds intriguing!! :) (That's kind of funny, because I have an Enchanted Forest in my retelling, haha!) I'll have to look into them!! :)

  2. I am so excited for the Beauty and the Beast contest as well ... I'm even more fond of that story than Cinderella! As for interesting books ... I'm reading "The Little White Horse" right now. So enchanting! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Also, I'm so happy you're enjoying The Word Changers! I'm flattered you mentioned it :)

    1. Are you entering a story?? Yeah, I'm glad she picked Beauty and the Beast, it's a really lovely story to rewrite!! :)
      The Little White Horse... I'll have to look into reading that too!
      Oh, :), yeah, The Word Changers is an intriguing tale so far! So excited to see what happens!!