Monday, June 2, 2014

Five Enchanted Roses

     Anne Elisabeth Stengl (who happens to be a favorite author of mine!) has launched an exciting writing contest for all writers out there longing to be published! :) Or just writers in general, for that matter!

What you do: write a short story based loosely on the fairytale of Beauty and the Beast and send it to Anne Elisabeth, along with a $10 fee.

What Anne Elisabeth does: picks five of the Beauty and the Beast stories, puts them together as a novella collection titled Five Enchanted Roses, and publishes it Summer 2015.


      So yes, there it is. A chance to have your writing published, :) I participated in Anne Elisabeth's first writing contest like this… only it was a Cinderella short story. I wrote a story entitled A Dream Not Imagined, and had a lot of fun! No, my story didn’t get picked, but it was a great experience anyway! If you want to learn more about this collection, Five Glass Slippers, then visit or

     Anyway, now another contest is underway... and the cover is gorgeous, isn't it? :) I think I’ll enter again, for fun if not for the hope of being picked this time! :) If you are a writer, and are interested, I suggest you visit Anne Elisabeth’s blog  or and check it out. The stories need to be around 5,000-20,000 words… so it’s not like you have to write up a whole novel!!  
So yes, this is just a fun and exciting opportunity! Join the crowd and start writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling! :) :)


  1. Loving this idea, and despite me being me and having nerves about the idea, it might be fun to give the contest a shot. Best of luck, Shantelle. :)

  2. Yes, its so exciting... but at the same time, I do get kind of stressed about it! :p
    Thanks! Hopefully you will be able to think up a story too! :)