Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review: Superhero of the Day

Yeah ... so I don't really read books like this very often, but I'm doing this contest ... and I'm glad I did after all! Scroll down to read my review!

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Title: Superhero of the Day

Author: Katie Lynn Daniels

Series: Supervillain of the Day #2.1

Genre: Science Fiction

Audience: Teen/Young Adult

**4 stars**

A fast-paced, thrilling, comics-like tale of superheroes and supervillains, Superhero of the Day (Supervillain of the Day 2.1) definitely catches the attention.

Jeffery Lewis Floyd is the Defender of Earth, tracking down and dismantling supervillains across London. Everything is going fine and dandy until Mr. Blue-Cloak superhero shows up … (actually Brandon), and challenges things Floyd once never paid mind to. With the Destroyer—with skin like a brick wall, faster-than-light dude, Metallica, and even a pretty lady named Jane, things are about to get much more personal and dangerous than Floyd ever wanted.

Superhero of the Day immediately drew me in with its humor and silly wit. I had fun reading the cranky banter between Floyd and Brandon, and also the crazy conversations with the villains. This book made me think of those comics magazines I used to read (about spiderman, sand-man, superman and all that!). The action was satisfying. Farther into the book, things changed from humorous to quite dangerous, including near-deaths for the kidnapped, so I would recommend caution for younger readers. Also, there were a few swear words, which I could have done without! There was a fair amount of killing supervillains and a little bit of a seemingly lack of respect for life as well (which is not my preferable thing to read).

But all in all, Superhero of the Day by Katie Lynn Daniels was a fun experience for me, despite the fact that this is not my usual book genre. A quick, exciting read … I may just have to read more of this series, SUPERVILLAIN OF THE DAY!

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