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Book Review: High as the Heavens by Kate Breslin

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Title: High as the Heavens

Author: Kate Breslin

Series: Standalone

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult


In 1917, Evelyn Marche is just one of many women who has been widowed by the war. A British nurse trapped in German-occupied Brussels, she spends her days working at a hospital and her nights as a waitress in her aunt and uncle's cafĂ©. Eve also has a carefully guarded secret keeping her in constant danger: She's a spy working for a Belgian resistance group in league with the British Secret Service. 

When a British plane crashes in Brussels Park, Eve is the first to reach the downed plane and is shocked to discover she recognizes the badly injured pilot. British RFC Captain Simon Forrester is now a prisoner of war, and Eve knows he could be shot as a spy at any time. She risks her own life to hide him from the Germans, but as the danger mounts and the secrets between them grow, their chance of survival looks grim. And even if they do make it out alive, the truth of what lies between them may be more than any love can overcome.

**4 stars**

Kate Breslin fashions an intriguing, harsh, heart-rending, and ultimately beautifully redemptive tale set during World War I. I loved this author's Not By Sight, and was very eager to pick up High as the Heavens! What a fantastic read.

Following the life of a nurse in war-torn Belgium, invaded and ruled by the enemy Germans, we encounter downed Allie planes, spies, dark secrets, and daring escapades.

I really liked our main character, Eve. Despite the horrible things she has endured/seen/been a part of, she remains a lovely, though broken, woman whom you can't help but root for. I was delighted, intrigued, and frightened by turn by all the things going on in her life. And always hoping she would run back to God and find peace and healing in His presence.
Loved Simon too. *sigh* Just ... go pick up this book and read about him.
There were a lot of other characters I liked as well, but I won't give away any possible spoilers by naming them! But truly, there was a great cast of characters in High as the Heavens, and I wouldn't mind a sequel at all! *winks*

The flashbacks in the beginning of the book were very well done, and I found them so beautiful, though tinged by a bittersweet air. The story definitely had a heaviness to it, but was truly infused with hope as well. Despite some dark moments, I felt High as the Heavens overall, was a fairly fast-paced, exciting, and lovely story.

There was a theme of faith and redemption, and an utterly beautiful romance. Though there was a little bit of "adult content" concerning a married couple, and felt, for the most part, that the romance scenes were tastefully done - and Kate Breslin really showed glimpses of what a godly, committed, beautiful marriage and tender husband look like. A few moments nearly took my breath away, so poignant and deep they were. *smiles*

A lot of interesting insight into World War I. This author did such a good job, and I feel like I learned quite a bit! Wow. What a time of turmoil and need and strangeness and craziness. Some of it is mind-blowing, and it makes one thankful for the soldiers who fought so bravely on our behalf.

All in all, another wonderful read by Kate Breslin! I look forward to reading by her again!

I received a copy of High as the Heavens from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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