Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Shopping Trip + Life Update Snippets

Hello, lovely people! Today my family's taking a bit of a break from working on our house to celebrate one of my younger sister's birthdays! Yay!

I thought I would do a quick blog post as well, telling of my shopping adventure. Because shopping is always an adventure ... when you have the right people with you. *winks*


My sister needed some items for an upcoming trip, so she and I hopped in the car late morning on Tuesday and headed to town.

We stopped at Goodwill first. I tried on a huge pile of shirts ... which I'm usually not patient enough for. But today I was looking for long cardigans and some summer shirts. I really like the style where the shirt goes longer in the back. Something about it ... it's so flowy and elegant!
Oh, and of course I found a few books there as well! *winks*
(I usually love Lori Wick's novels. Something about them is so real, heartwarming, and charming. Untamed is a Christian Living I picked up because it sounded intriguing.)

Next we got lunch at Chick-fil-A. (Why are you surprised?) It was so fun to just talk and relax and enjoy good food.

Lastly, we went to Walmart to find a few things my sister needed. We got distracted by cute purses, lovely-print pajamas, and adorable $3 shoes! (Of a style we'd both been secretly wanting!) We each had to pick out a pair, before going to get the essentials we came for! (Such as rain jackets and shampoo.)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you the items I found, and outfits I put together with them! If you've been following this blog for long, you probably know I value modesty - so I try to be purposefully aware of that as I shop for different articles of clothing.

What do you think? Ladies, see anything you'd wear?

This blue t-shirt style top goes a little longer in the back. It's a size medium ... perhaps a tad big? But I love the color and just how simple and summery it is.

I loved the fit of this black/gray top! It's so soft, classic, and also of the cut which swoops longer in the back. Very comfortable.

A simple gray shirt. It can be casual or dressy. I really like the fit and cut.

This purple button-up is so flowy and lovely! I simple love it with a belt, and I've been told purple is my color ... so, I'm super happy I bought this!

I thought this orange button-up would be perfect for a Thanksgiving get-together! *smiles* The cut is very fun! So exciting to have found so many shirts with long backs. There's something quite comfortable and feminine about them, I think. I always admire them when I see other women wearing them in town!

Long cardigans are my favorite! ^_^ This teal one is such a beautiful color and kind of an old-fashioned, classy cut. I think it can be used in summer or winter, as I modeled above.

Another long cardigan! Can't go wrong with gray striped! *grins*

So that is what I got! Three t-shirt style tops, two button-up tops, and two long cardigans. Also, aren't my mint-green shoes from Walmart the best? *heart eyes* I very much love them.


So ... what else?

Well, today, this gluten-free girl got to eat some oreo cookies! Eep!

They are of the glutino brand which, consequently, doesn't use milk in their gluten-free "chocolate vanilla creme" cookies either! It does say it may contain traces of milk, but there's not actually milk in the ingredients. Yay! I was quite excited.
I don't usually eat things like this, but today is a birthday party ... so I figured I may as well have a treat too. *winks*


We've been quite busy this month ... and hoping July will be the "move in" month! I've been alternating between working at the house (painting mostly) and watching the little ones at home, housekeeping, making supper, grocery shopping, etc.

- One day, the two little ones and I left "the house" early and stopped at Chick-fil-A for supper! That was fun. *grins* Never mind that my two-year-old brother squeezed his cup to tightly and spilled water all over the floor. The staff at this wonderful restaurant are so very lovely and patient and helpful. -

- Another time, I went shopping with these two and we got ingredients for a Mexican-style meal. I felt so amazing, driving home through the rain, music playing ... just peaceful.
At home, I made salsa, guacamole, and lime & cilantro rice. Cooked up chicken. Warmed up refried beans. Chopped up lettuce. And starting cooking the uncooked tortillas my mom likes to buy. It took me quite a long time to prepare all this! But it was worth it! ^_^ And the rest of the family enjoyed it after they got home from working hard. -


Oh, and currently reading Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated Perspective on How to Change by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer.
It is very, very good. Looking forward to sharing my review soon.

I gotta run and help get things ready for sister's birthday party with the family! And wrap my present for her, oops! Can't believe she's fifteen today! *grins*

How's life going for you all? Anything I can be praying about for you, my dears?


  1. I so enjoyed reading this post, Shantelle! Thanks for the update. :)
    Shopping is quite fun. ;) I’ve never read any books by Lori Wick, although I’d like to soon. What is your favorite book by her?
    Chick-fil-A is so good! :)
    Oh, I really like all of your outfits! The orange button-up shirt would definitely be perfect for a Thanksgiving get-together! When I saw your shirt I was thinking it looked like a fun fall shirt. =)
    Those gluten free Oreo style cookies are really good! ;)
    I hope all continues to go well with getting your house fixed up and moving in. :)

    1. You're very welcome, Rebekah! So glad you enjoyed! :)

      It is, indeed! I even enjoy grocery shopping! :D Hmm, let's see, favorites by Lori Wick ... A Place Called Home (A PLACE CALLED HOME #1), The Princess (standalone?), Sean Donovan (THE CALIFORNIANS #3), and Where the Wild Rose Blooms (ROCKY MOUNTAIN MEMORIES #1) are some I really enjoyed.

      Yes, it is! Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves that restaurant! :D

      Thank you! ^_^ Yes! Can't wait for Thanksgiving now! ;) (Actually, I intend to enjoy every second of summer to the fullest!)

      Are you gluten-free? I find them really yummy! Of course, I don't think I can really remember what normal Oreo cookies taste like! ;P

      Thank you, my dear! Things are coming along, and we're so excited about the prospect of moving in soon-ish! :))

    2. I have “A Place Called Home” so now I’ll definitely have to read it! :) I’ll have to look up those other ones. :)

      Yes, I am gluten-free. I’m pretty sure that the gluten free Oreo cookies taste really similar to the regular ones. :)

      That’s great that things are coming along nicely at your new home!

  2. Aw, such a fun post, Shantelle!

    Love your orange blouse, and those cute shoes. I bought a blue polka-dot pair a while back at Payless. Definitely a cute style. :)

    Three cheers for books (I read that one by Lori years ago - don't remember much, but I've no doubt it was indeed charming) and Chick-dil-A! Who doesn't love going there!? :)

    1. Thank you, Rissi! :)

      Thanks!! They are so cute! And fun! I was tempted to get a pair in solid color, stripes, and polka-dots! ;D

      YES! I'm sure it will be, knowing Lori Wick! ^_^ Two more fans of Chick-fil-A! <333 I don't know! ;) I would go there every day if I could, haha! ;D

  3. Ooh!! I love the cardigan outfit with the black skirt! It's so pretty on you too!