Monday, June 26, 2017

Book Review: Huntress by Julie Hall

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Title: Huntress

Author: Julie Hall

Series: Life After #1

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Audience: Young Adult


No one’s afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey’s―at least that’s what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity. She’s convinced God’s made a cosmic mistake; after all, she’d rather discuss the color of her nails than break them on angelic weapons.

It doesn’t help that her trainer, Logan, is as infuriating as he is attractive. And just when Audrey and Logan appear close to developing an amicable relationship, a decision made under duress pushes their hearts in a direction neither of them saw coming.

Despite her sub-par fighting abilities, an ancient weapon of unparalleled power chooses Audrey as its wielder, attracting the cautious gazes of her fellow hunters and the attention of Satan himself. With Satan’s eyes now fixed on Audrey, a battle for the safety of the living looms in the shadows.

**4 stars**

Overall, I enjoyed Huntress, book one in the LIFE AFTER series by Julie Hall. I went into it determined to take it lightly. And I did ... really liking it as a unique speculative fiction read. It was intriguing, fun, mysterious, adventurous, and thought-provoking. The interesting things the author came up with were really fantastical, and kept you wanting to read more.

I liked the characters, for the most part, and felt each had their own voice and personality. The action-packed ending was fabulous! Angels and demons fighting. Intense spiritual war going on. It was both dark and hopeful. Breathless and intriguing.

That all being said, there were still some things that niggled at me as theologically incorrect. This book is the first book I've read that the character dies in the beginning, and we proceed to discover her afterlife. Huntress isn't fantasy, but speculative fiction set in our contemporary world. Our main characters encounters demons and Satan, who comes disguised as beauty and light. She also seeks God in her afterlife, having believed in Him before she died.
But there were things like tears, romance, doubt, anger, and fighting in this "afterlife". People were waiting for their spouse to join them from earth ... Things like that. I don't believe that's exactly how it's going to be in heaven. Granted, this is more an "in-between" place while everyone whose died waits for the end of time and the making new of all things.

Anyway, it was interesting, action-filled, and fun, but I couldn't take it too seriously because of those things. (Regardless that it did have some epic spiritual warfare and heartfelt moments of encountering God, surrendering to Him, and realizing His deep love.)

But it did make me think, for certain! And ponder the new heaven and new earth and what God has planned for us there. I hope to continue with book two, Warfare, and see where this series goes.

I received a copy of Huntress from the author after winning a giveaway of the paperback.


  1. I've been talking about this one with someone on Twitter. Sounds like a really interesting novel, and as I always enjoy discovering new books, I'll have to remember this one for future reading. :)

    1. It is interesting, indeed, Rissi! Hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to read it! :)

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