Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book Review: The Seahorse Legacy by Serena Chase

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Title: The Seahorse Legacy

Author: Serena Chase

Series: Eyes of E'veria #3

Genre: Fantasy/FairyTale

Audience: Young Adult

**5 stars**

Oooh … I have just finished reading an utterly thrilling fantasy/fairytale retelling. Did I ever mention to you that EYES OF E’VERIA by Serena Chase is a fantastic series? The Seahorse Legacy is the third book to this series, and I was quite blown away!

At the wedding party for the Ryn and her beloved, Erielle de Gladiel dances obliviously with many a handsome young man, enjoying herself quite immensely, for the most part. With her new knighthood, and her big brother and dear friend so happily in love, she at ease with life.
     But from the shadows, a darkly handsome pirate watches her silently, knowingly. A deep secret burns within him, not letting him be. A secret pertaining to keeping his Legacy alive that will effect wild, green-eyed Erielle more than she could ever know.
     And in the land beyond the ballroom, strange and terrible disappearances are being reported far and wide.
     Will the rakish Cazien de Pollis and hot-headed Erielle be able to do as The First calls them to? Or will their selfish desires bring things to utter ruin?

Ah! Excuse me while I fangirl a little! *grins* Daring, sea-faring adventures in fantasy realm with a fairytale touch at its best!! After loving The Ryn and The Remedy, I was captured entirely by The Seahorse Legacy; it exceeding my expectations. Serena Chase writes with such fantastical touch! I was delighted again and again by the fairytale-ish wonders I found within her third novel! What beauty! What mythic!

The whole tale sent a shivery thrill through my heart; and not to mention, a romantic one, as I watched this epic love story unfold between pirate and lady knight. (Mind you, it hasn’t quite yet all the way unfolded). I was delighted with Julien and Rynnaia’s new roles as husband and wife, and it was fun to connect with their characters this way. And it was great to reunite with all the others as well.

Cazien!! What is it about that roguish, brooding, altogether too handsome, young pirate? *winks* He’s unforgettable and epic at once. I was so excited to read his story after finishing The Remedy! A witty, sarcastic, and delightfully entertaining heart-breaker for sure! It was lovely to journey along with him and watch him mature and grow and encounter The First in a beautiful way. He’s the best, *grins* I can’t wait to read more about this intriguing character.

Erielle was a lovely heroine at points, and a spoiled little girl at other moments. She had a lot to learn in The Seahorse Legacy, and as with Cazien, I am so excited to find out what happens next in her story.

The romance of this book … was great! Nothing like an arranged marriage (by order of The First, mind you) between two stubborn, fiery, and imperfect individuals. At some points I felt a tinge of disappointment at how things were going, but in the end, it worked out just perfectly! (Except for it didn’t quite … end … oh where is book 4??)

A note to follow that. The Seahorse Legacy definitely seems to be in a whole new category than the first two books when it comes to audience. While I was perfectly alright with letting my twelve-year-old sister read The Ryn, I was a little less certain with The Remedy, and definitely won’t be having her read The Seahorse Legacy until she’s a mite older. There’s some violence/gore/creepy feel that goes a bit beyond what the first two books had; and also some mature themes throughout the book: (scenes concerning women getting attacked; a certain few horrid moments with an evil, lecherous pirate; and a scandalous, though actually innocent, incident between a young woman and man. Also some conversations about indiscretion). There was a little bit of crudeness too. Which I could certainly have done without …

The interactions between Cazien and Erielle, and Julien and Erielle. Oh, this heroine is going to lead you on a wild ride. Fiery, headstrong, and clever, yet with a fair amount of naivety, she’ll have you on the edge of your seat. She certainly did me! I was shaking my head, “You foolish girl!” And then of course, we had a certain young man step in, obscured by mist …

Sorry. Before I give too much away, I’ll stop. Just read this series. I don't believe that you will regret it! *smiles*

As always, I must mention the allegory. EYES OF E’VERIA has a wonderful Christian allegory, I feel. Very good. Perhaps one of the best I’ve read. I LOVE the encounters between our characters and the Creator. I love how Serena Chase deals with nasty issues like arrogance and selfishness. I love how she creates special moments that a loving God gives his precious children. Ah, you have to read The Seahorse Legacy (and the first two books) for that wonderful parable even if you don’t exactly love fantasy or fairytale! ^_^

If you haven’t read my reviews of the other books in this series, there is “magic”, or special abilities and such. But the supernatural abilities come either from The First (for the good people) or a deep evil (for the bad people). I find the magical part of EYES OF E'VERIA enchanting and mysterious for the most part.

So yes. EYES OF E'VERIA is an adventurous, romantic, mystical series filled with tales in fantasy setting and brilliant fairytale feel. I loved The Seahorse Legacy, and absolutely can hardly wait to read The Sunken Realm!!


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review, Shantelle!

    I absolutely agree this second set in the series (books 3&4) is for ages 15+ (that was my intended audience with the first two as well, but content in this second set DEFINITELY places it in that "older teen to adult" category.)

    The Sunken Realm is expected to release late summer 2015. :)

    Again, thanks so much for your review!


    1. Your welcome, Serena!! :)

      Ok, that makes sense. Because, yes, I was definitely feeling a shift in the audience aspect. But yes, the whole series would be best for a little more mature audience. I will tell my sister about them again when she's a little older, :)

      Eep!!! I'm so, so excited!! :) :) Can't wait to see the cover too!!

      Of course! I hope you keep writing; your books bring me on the grandest of adventures, :)

      Thanks for commenting! :) Blessings!

  2. Great review! I loved the first two books, they are all time favorites! I am very excited to read The Seahorse Legacy, and had planned to start it today, so this was great timing. I definitely agree that the Christian allegory in this series is fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Lakin! :)

      It is, isn't it? Just beautiful!

      Yay! Hope you like The Seahorse Legacy as much as I did! :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)


  3. YESSSSS. I loved this book so much!! I can't wait for the sequel! ^_^

    Everything you said about Cazien: YES. He is just BEYOND awesome. :D One of my all-time favorite characters!!! <3 *flail*

    Ah, that's good to hear that the first two books don't have as much "gritty" things as this one did... I was a bit surprised myself. I haven't read the first two yet (I know! I'm ashamed... >.>) but I hope to get to them soon! :)

    1. Yes!! Yay for The Sunken Realm! What an intriguing title, hey? :)

      I know, he is! Capturing hearts everywhere, haha, :D :) I love when books have a really great guy character like Cazien!

      *Gasps*!! You must read the first two, Deborah!! :) :) But I suppose The Seahorse Legacy was just fine to read on its own too. But still, you gotta read Rynnaia's story, :)

      Yes, the first two were that. My fourteen-year-old sister read The Ryn and The Remedy and loved them. But she'll probably wait to read The Seahorse Legacy... 'cause yeah, its at a little different level than the first two.