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Book Review: Prince of Demargen by E. Kaiser Writes

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Title: Prince of Demargen

Author: E. Kaiser Writes

Series: Thaw #3

Genre: Fairy Tale/Fantasy

Audience: Teen-Young Adult


The whole world knows his guilt, and is absolutely correct about it, but how far can a man go to regain respect so swiftly lost?
Or is an honorable death the best a fallen star can hope for?

**4 stars**

In the third installment of the THAW series, we meet, face to face, Prince Hess of Demargen, and get to explore his story and the reasons behind his shocking behavior in Winter Queen.

The thirteenth son of a king and queen is on a journey of redemption … but it seems to be a hopeless one. A young ice queen finds many new challenges coming her way, one of them being in the person of an old enemy. But perhaps it will help her heal and strengthen? A powerful story of pain and utter despair, and forgiveness and unimaginable grace is unfolded in Prince of Demargen.

It was interesting to read the stories of THAW through a man’s eyes this time. Particularly, through the eyes of a charmer, and a disgruntled one at that (that being said, he could have kept some of his dark thoughts to himself! Tsk, tsk). Hess’s story was intriguing though. The fights. The smooth deceiving. The realizing. The intense, internal battles … This young prince knows how to get where he wants to be, physically, that’s for sure. But mentally … spiritually … he’s got a struggle on his hands.

Like with Winter Queen, it took me awhile to really get into the story; I just read now and then, enjoying it … and then, all at once, I was quite captured without even having really noticed, and I stayed up late into the night reading. *smiles*

As I said, it was quite interesting to journey along with Hess and Tompe, but I happily landed back in Ilise and Girta’s castle farther on in the book. Ilise is on the mend, though she does seem a bit controlling still. Well … she still has a journey ahead of her, I believe. Girta … still a bit immature and hot-headed, I’m sorry to say. But there’s hope yet! Might we hope for a book dedicated to Princess Girthild? *smiles* Halvor … irresistible as always. He blooms even more in Prince of Demargen, and I can’t help but laugh at him time and again. Those of you who were enchanted by Frozen’s Olaf, you will love the THAW series just for the one, endearing, little snowman! ^_^

I just don’t what else to say. There’s lots to say, but I fear I’ll just end up giving away the story! So I’ll leave it at this: if you want lessons and adventures with Stone Kings, ice queens, hilarious snowmen, nerve-wracking sea journeys, Devouring Greed, Frozen Hearts, acts of true love, broken young men and women, and a tinge of romance in the air, then I would suggest the THAW series by E. Kaiser Writes. You see lots of similarities to the movie Frozen {2013}, yes, (which I think is a lot of fun), but all in all, it’s a much deeper and further-explored rendition, with lots of twists and turns, and moving themes.

Really, really liked it! *smiles*

As I mentioned above, Hess did entertain some dark thoughts in the beginning of Prince of Demargen. Caution to younger readers because of that, and because of some perhaps intense scenes. I would put it at the same level of Winter Queen.

Suspense, breathless hope, and troubles still abound. I’m excited (perhaps a bit impatient *winks*) to read Reindeer King when I get the chance after it releases!

I received a copy of Prince of Demargen from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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