Friday, September 16, 2016

Book Review: This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick

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Title: This Road We Traveled

Author: Jane Kirkpatrick

Series: Standalone

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult


Drama, Adventure, and Family Struggles Abound as Three Generations Head West on the Oregon Trail

When Tabitha Brown's son makes the fateful decision to leave Missouri and strike out for Oregon, she refuses to be left behind. Despite her son's concerns, Tabitha hires her own wagon to join the party. Along with her reluctant daughter and her ever-hopeful granddaughter, the intrepid Tabitha has her misgivings. But family ties are stronger than fear.

The trials they face along the way will severely test Tabitha's faith, courage, and ability to hope. With her family's survival on the line, she must make the ultimate sacrifice, plunging deeper into the wilderness to seek aid. What she couldn't know was how this frightening journey would impact how she understood her own life - and the greater part she had to play in history.

With her signature attention to detail and epic style, New York Times bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick invites readers to travel the deadly and enticing Oregon Trail. Based on actual events, This Road We Traveled will inspire the pioneer in all of us.

**no rating**

This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick is a novel set during the 1840s, on a wagon train to Oregon.

I confess, I wasn't able to finish it. I read a good part of This Road We Traveled, but just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't get into the story. Perhaps it was the way it was written - I believe Jane Kirkpatrick's writing style just isn't for me. So I skimmed through the rest of the book to the end, and will do my best to write a book review. I'm not rating it, because I didn't read the book in its entirety.

This tale of the Oregon Trail centers on the life of Tabitha Brown, the matriarch, and grandmother of her clan. We also see the story through the eyes of Tabby's daughter, Pherne and granddaughter, Virgilia. As Tabby's sons get the itch to head west, all three women are pulled onto the journey as well. Snakes, storms, and matters of the heart are just a few trials they face! Tabby is writing a memoir along the way. Pherne struggling to get over the loss of her young son. And Virgilia starting to notice a certain young man who's also in the wagon train.

It's the unique adventures of a widowed grandmother, a mother, and a young woman just entering a new stage in life.

I didn't feel like I was there with the characters. I wasn't really interested in them. So those are my feelings and opinions. Because this novel isn't to my personal taste, I won't be reading my Jane Kirkpatrick anymore.

If you enjoy historical-fiction, told in a more narrative (almost journal-style) way about family, memories, and forging a new future, then you might want to try out This Road We Traveled!

I received a copy of This Road We Traveled from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I find it refreshing, Shantelle, that through not finishing a book, you held off on giving it a rating. That's not common, and as authors, can often be discouraging to be marked down for books that weren't finished. Your perspective is both comforting and respectful! I have not yet read one of Jane's books but I've been wanting to. This cover is very eye catching.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Joanne! :) Yes, I think it's only fair to refrain from rating a book if you don't finish it. I'm glad that was encouraging for you! I try to be kind yet honest in my book reviews; and keep in mind that my opinion is simply my opinion. Someone else could love this book! :)

      It is a fabulous cover! Maybe This Road We Traveled will be something you'll enjoy.

      By the way, I adore your books, Joanne! I'm so excited to read The Lady and the Lionheart! ^_^