Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book Review: Love's Rescue by Christine Johnson

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Title: Love's Rescue

Author: Christine Johnson

Series: Keys of Promise #1

Genre: Historical

Audience: Adult

**5 stars**

I’m always a little nervous to read a book by an author I’ve never read by before, but I could have saved my fretting when it came to Love’s Rescue by Christine Johnson. This book was perfectly lovely! ^_^

...And yet deep. Poignant. Heart-wrenching, but soul-touching. It was such a beautiful tale with not only a meaningful and “true love” sort of romance, but also a noticeable theme of faith. All my fears were for naught! *grins* I have another wonderful book to add to my bookshelf, and am able to write a positive review for an author!

There's a lot going on in Love’s Rescue. A young woman is battling with guilt, a forbidden romance, and her father over an impending marriage she doesn’t want. A godly and brave captain has waited for his love for four years, but is suddenly thrust into circumstances that can only pull them further apart. A slave woman needs to be spirited away in the night in order to be reunited with her husband. Things are stolen. Innocents are accused. Dirty secrets found out. Bitterness and anger escalate. Yet guilt molders continually.

The mystery and suspense/danger of this story had me always guessing or on edge. -While the romance tugged at my heart and made me wonder and hurt with Elizabeth. Some characters endeared themselves to me. Others I could hardly stand. I had to do some forgiving right along with Elizabeth...
Rourke was a great guy! His respect for women and his open protecting of their heart and purity...I was extremely impressed. You godly man of wonderful character! No wonder Elizabeth fell for you! *beams* He still struggled, yet leaned on God’s strength to do the right thing.
Annabelle, dear Annabelle! I quite loved her, even though she didn’t have a huge amount of “screen time” in the story.

I don’t really know how to explain why I loved this book. It was another one of those historical romance, high seas, exotic islands, forbidden love kind of tales. And yet it had a moving faith theme. Real love. Sacrifice. Forgiveness. I suppose I just felt it was deeper than a lot of the Christian romance norm. It tugged my heart strings, I tell you! I’m truly touched. ^_^ The mystery/suspense of it also made it particularly intriguing.

But yes. It was simply a beautiful, and even unique, tale. I loved it! So excited to read more from Christine Johnson!

I received a copy of Love's Rescue by Christine Johnson from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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