Friday, June 12, 2015

Beta Readers Update + Some Book Cover!

     So I now have fourteen beta readers/potential beta readers for Silver Rose. Whew! I'm overwhelmed and excited by the response!! I certainly didn't expect to get that many!! :D

     That brings me onto another thing. While I'd really love for you all to beta-read my book . . . is there like a "proper" number of beta readers one should have??

     For those of you who emailed me: Would any of you rather advance read Silver Rose down the road instead of beta-reading? If you aren't experienced at beta-reading, maybe you'd just want to wait for advanced reader . . .  where you just read and worry about nothing else! -Except writing a review! :)

     And how soon could you finished a 190,000+ word (700-800 pg.) book?

     Well, anyway . . . I wouldn't mind having fourteen people look over my book, as long as no one advises me against it! :)

Now for some new book covers I've come across!! :)


  1. Jody Hedlund's is gorgeous! And I also love(love) The Winner's Kiss and The Mirror King. :)

    1. Isn't it?? I just adore it!! :D

      Those are just so lovely too! Can just hardly wait to read them, right?? :) :)

  2. Hey Shantelle!
    I'd suggest keeping all the beta-readers, I think you'll be able to make use of them! Here's how you might want to do it:
    3-4 first betas, then you consider their points, make changes, possibly throw out whole pages and rewrite..
    3-4 second betas; rinse and repeat.
    3-4 thrid betas and then
    3-4 Fourth Betas!!!

    This way you'd have fresh eyes on every single edit, and you'd be able to be sure that the feedback was un-clouded by 'pre-readings'. ;-)
    Also, if you're able to shift your betas correctly you can have the last two tiers acting more as editors, to catch the small things like typos, etc. and emerge with a really clean ms! :-)
    Get the more "big picture" thinkers on the earlier reads, and tell them not t fuss to much on the little stuff... :-)

    I think it could work out great!!! I know I'm now inspired to get more beta readers to try this system out! :-)

    Whatever way you decide to go, all the best on it!!!

  3. Awesome! I wish I had the time to read it! And I agree that you should keep all 14!! :)

    Lovely covers! I especially like The Mirror King cover. Epic!

  4. I also agree with E. Kaiser!

    I think that unless some readers only want to do ARC reviewing, you should keep 'em all. It's good to have a bunch of diverse eyes on a book! Whatever you feel comfortable doing is right for you. :) Hmm, I could probably get through an 800 page book in two to three weeks or so. (I *could* do it quicker than that, but for me, it is probably best to go through it analytically and perhaps re-read certain parts.)

  5. Okay, awesome!! Thanks for all the help, ladies!! You've eased my mind, and gave me some great ideas, Elizabeth! :) :)

    Thanks, Claire!! And yes, aren't they all so wonderful?? ^_^ Love book covers!

    For sure, Amanda! I was thinking that it would be nice to have fourteen opinions, actually! And so true! You should take the time you need! Yay!!! So excited to get it out to you readers!! :D :)

    Blessings, all! <3

  6. I don't think there is a set number for beta reader's it's really just as many as you can get. Your lucky to get so many, I don't mind beta reading.

    1. Yeah, that's what I've been figuring out! :)

      And yes!! I can't believe I got such a good response!! Now I just have to hope you all will like it... *nervously clasps hands together* ;p