Monday, June 22, 2015

Silver Rose ABC: Golden Shore

Well, decided I should get back to my Silver Rose ABCs today! *smiles* If you haven't read my previous posts for A, B, C, D, E,  and F; do check them out and get some hints on what my fantasy novel will be like!

Today we are on G. G for Golden Shore. This is a land of my fantasy world. I don't want to give much away, but here's some pictures I've found on that make me think of Golden Shore.

I tried to find pictures of medieval castles, rushing waterfalls, and craggy cliffs ... but I just couldn't find ones that quite fit!

To pique your interest further, go to my Silver Rose board on Pinterest! There's many more pictures there; and some of a certain lovely family from Golden Shore: Alexander, Nenette, Breanne, Majesta, and Mariette! *smiles*

Now lastly ... some snippets from Silver Rose, yay! *grins*


A castle stood on a swell in the land, imposing and grim. Through the gathering gloom, it was barely discernable; the black flags high atop the gleaming towers waving silently in the night—as if warning all on-lookers.

All was silent; a sense of impending doom heavy in the air. Even the night creatures hesitated warily on the edges of the forest, as though evil lurked too close for their comfort.

Then, a blood-curdling scream rent the stillness.

Inside the castle, a book thumped to the stone floor. Three men, in various black garbs, stared at the golden-haired girl before them. An older woman swooned. A passel of maids clutched at each other anxiously.

The young woman, encased in a hideous green gown, ripped the black, lace veil from her blonde curls with another fierce cry. Whirling, she kicked off her jewel-encrusted slippers and fled down the first dark passageway she came upon.

The blackness screamed silently in her wake.

© Copyright Silver Rose by Shantelle Mary Hannu


“No need to fear,” he said, cradling her head as a protective instinct swelled within him. “You’re safe. I need to bring you to a place you’ll be found.” For a moment, he stood still, holding the unconscious woman in his arms. A haunting feeling gripped his heart. Who is she? Then he swung astride Renon and, gripping the girl, urged his horse into a gallop.

They rode nearer to the castle. The forest thinned, and they entered a patch of land blooming with little, sweetheart flowers and pink sugarberry trees. A tantalizingly sweet smell filled the air from the blossoms.

He swung off Renon, holding the woman close, and walked over to a gentle swell of a hill. He laid her down carefully, then took a step back, his mind whirling as he stared at her.

She was very still, as if sensing him watching her.

© Copyright Silver Rose by Shantelle Mary Hannu


What do you think? ^_^


  1. Looks exciting! Your writing is really good...makes me want to read more!! Can't wait!

    -Grace (

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Grace! And thank you, ^_^ I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!


  2. Yayyy, more Silver Rose ABC's! :D I love Golden Shore. ^_^ And Shonnons and snippets! :D I know... it's soooo hard to find pictures that are just right!! o.o I guess because our imaginations are so original! ;) Loved this post! :D

    1. ^__^ So glad you enjoy these, Deborah!!

      Must be!! :D 'Cause yes, it is just so hard sometimes! I usually find the best pictures unintentionally, while scrolling through my home feed. But when I actually try to look for specific things, I can never find them! :/ Haha.

      Wonderful! Blessings! <3